Thursday, December 29, 2011

Restaurants outside the normal neighborhoods

Is it me or did Philadelphia Magazine list every single neighborhood in Philadelphia except El Centro de Oro? I'm usually not one to complain about not listing something "Latino" but come on. Do they have no contact in the Latino community? Most likely not. The article lists LOVE Park, Midtown Village, Media and other neighborhoods. Even South Philly which is predominately Mexican is only about Southeast Asian foods. I'm not even sure why I'm catching myself read these articles anyways...maybe it's the free subscription.

Although the restaurants in North Philly aren't the same as those in other neighborhoods, they are still equally as delicious. Maybe they need a "name" behind the restaurant or something. I don't know...but I like my arroz con pollo and Philadelphia seems to think Loco Pez and El Vez are authentic. Riiiiiiight. Sure Mexicans seem to be dominating the population, but can we have other foods? Don't worry, I'm not judging considering I love to eat at some of the Fishtown and Northern Liberties spots but I just wish there was expansion on our community in mainstream media.

Tattoos in a nutshell

Tattoos. They are just awesome right? I've received some negative feedback about my tattoos but most positive. Some people see no point in "doing that to your body." Key words: my body. It's a form of expression that I'm very very fond of and believe they tell stories. Sure you see movies about criminals and gangs, but I'm in neither. And even if criminals, gangs, etc. have tattoos, it's their body. Western culture has turned tattooing and body piercing into a taboo for some reason. says, "The word tattoo is said to has two major derivations- from the polynesian word ‘ta’ which means striking something and the tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark something’." Although there are some tattoos I've seen that aren't what I would think are good but I don't judge much. Tattoos are meant for yourself and no one else. Back in ancient civilizations, they were used for various things like identifying tribes, passage into manhood and others. So why don't people like them today? Why can't I get a job with a tear drop under my eye? J/K lol.

My tattoos in a nutshell:
  1. Navaja
  2. GPHI hand sign
  3. Colombian scar
  4. Rosary with abuelito's name
  5. Kanji - "I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees"
  6. Pisces symbol
  7. Still I Rise - Pair of hands holding a rising sun
  8. Reaching for my goals/dreams
  9. Kanji - "Happiness" w/ window frame (NEW!)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Philadelphia sees a change

So the population grew in Philadelphia from 2000 to 2011. Julie Shaw said it best in her Philadelphia Inquirer article, "The city grew from the 2000 to 2010 census. We can thank Puerto Ricans, Hispanic and Asian immigrants and young professionals for that." Although Puerto Ricans and Hispanics are probably the same thing but who's counting these days :).

The article goes very in-depth about what neighborhoods grew and who is basically taking over the city. "The Juniata Park/Feltonville area saw the city's largest increase in Hispanics. Kensington saw the next largest increase. Most Hispanics in this area hail from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, with pockets of Colombians and other South Americans, community leaders say." Pockets of Colombians huh? These Latinos are quickly starting their own business and encouraging the kids to stay in school and go to college. And although there's a population increase, we somehow lack in certain industries and other "important" sectors.

Should we rejoice that Latinos will soon be the largest minority in the country? Sure but we have to educate ourselves and our children to do better. Take-charge and work for these non-profit and for-profit companies. Become a doctor, purchase a house, own two cars! Why is it that we can't seem to get over ourselves and live our lives the way the "American" does it? I understand we're not supposed to since everything is changing and I see it every day. Let's show Philadelphia and the U.S. that we can "make it in America."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some 3 Kings Day Celebrations

I never grew up celebrating Three Kings Day but ever since coming to Philadelphia that's all I see and hear about in December/January. Various countries around the world apparently celebrate Three Kings Day. Each have their own customs and traditions associated with the holiday. On the twelve days leading up to Three Kings Day, many children in Latin America dress up in king costumes and go door to door in their neighborhoods singing carols...on and kids get more gifts too. -_-

Here are some Three Kings Day celebrations I came across in the Philly area:
  • Three Kings Celebration at Taller PR. Music, presents for children, a theatrical presentation and a parade with the Three Wise Men.  Featuring the local “Bomba and Plena” traditional music group los “Pleneros del Batey” who each year assist Taller to bring this important celebration to over 150 children and their parents. Pre-registration required/Celebración tradicional de los Reyes Magos con música, obra teatral y regalos para los niños.  Requiere que los niños se pre-registren.  3 p.m.* (215) 426-3311
  • Three Kings Alumni Mixer. Please join the Latino Leadership Institute Alumni Association for ran evening of networking and celebration. Light refreshments will be served along with great music. A perfect time for the alumni to catch up, the LLIAA board will also present their 2012 calendar of events.
  •  Centro Musical is collecting toys for Three Kings: new unwrapped toys for ages infant to 15 year old.  Items can be dropped off at Centro Musical, 5th and Lehigh until January 4.
  • Salsa Caliente! sees its second installment to kick-off the New Year and close the Christmas holiday season on Friday, January 6 with the sounds of Elvis Bonilla y su Orquesta and Tony Maldonado y su Orquesta (Painted Bride Center).

Monday, December 26, 2011

Shakira's awesome...yep

Oh are and forever will be Colombia's symbol of hope. Sure there are lots of great things originating from Colombia, but Shakira sheds a positive light to el pais even more. Shakira's En Vivo Desde Paris is a phenomenal CD/DVD set. Although I haven't seen the DVD yet, the entire CD is full of awesome oldies and newbies. Starting out with Pienso En Ti brought me back to the good ol' days too. She even covers a Metallica song (Nothing Else Matters). Whether you're a fan or not, you have to give it to Shakira, she's doing it all. Living the American dream while still supporting her fans and education. Who knows how many times she's met with President Obama.

Shakira...thank you for glorious years. Now come back to Philadelphia :).

Friday, December 23, 2011

The holidays con familia y amigos

The holidays are pretty much the same every year, but you always want to do something different. So what I just said made no sense right? The idea is to spend time with your family and real close friends and celebrate the year. Although 2011 wasn't what I expected, I'm putting it all behind and hoping for a better 2012. Christmas is always a weird time because you think people are expecting gifts and what not, but the holiday isn't meant to be about gifts; that's just what America did to it.

And then there's New Years. Growing up it would always be a family function but then I realized it was supposed to be a huge party with friends! Although sometimes I feel bad I haven't spent NYE with family in years, it's okay...that's what Christmas is for right? I try not to drink so much before 12 a.m. because I can get very emotional and that's a no-no these days. But after 12:05 a.m. it's all fair game. Sure I'd like to watch some fireworks in Philadelphia, but I'd rather watch it on TV somewhere warm with mis amigos. Then there's a NYC celebration....hhmmmmm?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011: A year of chaos and revolution

2011 has been an interesting year, both personally and newsy. A lot of chaotic and not-very-interesting news was reporting throughout the year including natural disasters, weddings, assassinations, uprisings and more. Earlier today I had the pleasure of serving on Art Fennell's TV panel discussion with two very prominent journalists, Buzz Bissinger and Annette John-Hall, discussing the year. So what exactly are the top ten stories of the year?

According to the Associated Press, the top story of the year was Osama Bin Laden's death. Really? That was your number one choice? Although it is a top story, I believe it shouldn't have been number one, but then again we live in America so it only makes somewhat sense. Some other lists included the Royal Wedding -_-. Really? Thank you America for making reality TV into something that we love to hate.

During the show we also named a story we thought should be recognized and I choose the first Latino high school valedictorian in Reading, PA. Why? Because that leads into the Dream Act which wasn't passed this year. ::sigh::. I was also a fan of the "protestor" story just because I'm a firm believe one person can make a difference in the world. Now when one person sparks an entire nation to move, change must happen.

Here are the other top stories of 2011:

Art Fennell Reports will air New Year's Day on the Comcast Network at 9:30 p.m. Check your local listings for channels and all that good stuff.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Video: What do you say?

I'm sorry but after watching these "sh** girls say videos" I start to wonder what Latino girls say. I mean seriously there was even a "Sh** Black Girls Say" video. As wrong and somewhat racist they might be, it's real life here in the U.S. We grow accustomed to our lifestyles that we don't notice we all do the same thing over and over again. I wonder if one of the Latina sayings would be "Wepa?" lol. What do you think Latina girls would say?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Foto del dia: Posada

Tonight my jobs' posadas came to a close at Xilantro Restaurant in Wayne, PA. A learning experience, the four day posadas were extremely fun. Seeing people keep their traditions alive felt so good and also seeing children participate. For videos, photos and more visit

Hasta el proximo año.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Video: Shakira in Puerto Rico

Sure Shakira's Sale el Sol tour ended a while ago, but that doesn't mean her crew can't distribute awesome behind the scenes videos. The video below says one thing to me: It takes a lot of people to make Shakira who she is. That's why I love the video. And I also noticed a woman with her iPad at the concert. Doesn't she have a camera or a phone? Enjoy!

Much Ado About Frijoles and Huevos

When organizations attempt to cater to a younger audience, sometimes it works. However, when you don't consult with someone first whether your product will be offense, 100% of the time it will end up being offensive. An NBCLatino recently stated, "A Washington, D.C. production of Shakespeare’s 'Much Ado About Nothing' has recently changed the names of two lead characters - Juan Frijoles and Juan Huevos - due to a series of complaints about the the theatre company’s racially insensitive portrayal of cultural stereotypes." Juan Frijoles and Juan Huevos huh? At first I chuckled but then realized it's so messed up.

I believe this is a question dealing with the generation gap. Would someone born in the 80s or 90s be offended or even notice? I would say not but you never know. However, someone who has worked and devoted their time to the Latino community would be more prone to change the names in the play. The play is set in Cuba during the 1950s and would probably draw a completely different crowd; heck I would go watch it. Besides, didn't Shakespeare mean dying is to have a sexual orgasm? O_O

Thursday, December 15, 2011

NBC gets a mini makeover con sabor

I mean everyone else is doing it, why not join the movement! A recent Broadcast & Cable article stated, "In a move that reflects the growing importance of Hispanic audiences for news divisions, NBC News is planning to launch an site targeting Hispanics sometime in early 2012, reports NBC News president Steve Capus."HuffingtonPost, FoxNewsLatino and now NBCLatino. I wonder how this move and change works with Comcast and Telemundo since everyone is part of the same family. Actually the article pretty much answered it with, "Though Telemundo creates Spanish-language content, [NBCLatino] will be working closely together with NBCU's Hispanic broadcast operation."

And why not! There are media outlets which reach the new-age Latino and there are those who reach the immigrant community. Latinos are probably the most confusing people to reach. And by confusing I mean difficult. We have those who stay true to their roots (and don't speak good English) by not leaving their community and supporting their local businesses; then we have the younger, tech-savvy Latino who likes Walking Dead and enjoying an arroz con pollo every now and then. Here's to an awesome and confusing future for marketers and media.

For now you can actually visit until the full site is launched.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A split second of racial profiling

I'm not one to judge a book by its cover, but there are a lot of people that do. Whether it's the way we dress or our hairstyle, people can be friendly or unfriendly just by looking at few things and not getting to know the person. It's even worse when you are in a certain neighborhood or location; race relations are the worst. Well earlier today, this happened to me. I think it was the first time I was profiled but not necessarily in a good nor bad way. Here's the story:
  • Me: ::Walks into Dunkin Donuts::
    Man 1: Hey you speak English?
    (Already irritated) Me: Um yeah.
    Man 1: You speak it good?
    Me: Um yes I speak it well.
    Man 1: Okay well you know what a wingman is?
So although random, it was just weird being asked if I spoke English. And out of all places I was in Fishtown -_-. Could demographics really be changing the way people think? Either way I was irritated because he asked two annoying questions and it was lunch time so I was hungry. I think about whether or not I should be angry or just brush it off. In the end I think it was funny because the dude was hitting on the cashier (hence the wingman comment). Egh. C'est la vie.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The busy bee game

So wow. I remember playing this game as a child (above) nonstop and it was amazing. My dad had these old a** cards tucked away in a drawer and I would always say, "Papi quiero jugar el juevo de la abeja." And sure enough we played for a few hours. I would really really really hate it when I would get those damn minus points with the bees, but when you got the queen bee it was fun. My dad would of course always judge us by our moves but oh well.

I miss times like these when we would play simple card games. Now with motion censored games like the Wii and Kinect (Xbox), we seem to have lost our love for the originality. However, as you get older you get back into the board games like Scrabble and Monopoly. Of course I picked the longest games ever but they are still fun when you play with the right people. Here's to the holidays!

Event: Phila. Hispanic Chamber Toy Drive

This Thursday the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's  Professional Mentoring Network program is hosting the 3rd Annual Toy Drive Mixer in partnership with Asociacion de Puertorriquenos en Marcha (APM). Obviously a great cause, they help our less fortunate people who unfortunately can't afford toys. All of the toys will be donated to APM's Gift of Love toy drive that will benefit low-income children in the Philadelphia area.  This event is an opportunity for PMN members and the general membership to connect in a social environment while contributing to the local community in need during this holiday season.  Last year, over 300 toys were donated to APM and our goal is to donate even more this season! 

Date: 12/15/2011
Time: 5:30 PM TO 7:30 PM
Wells Fargo
123 Broad Street
Philadelphia , PA 19109

Monday, December 12, 2011

Beware the walking dead

The Walking Dead is probably one of the best shows I've seen yet. Sure a zombiepocolypse seems pretty intense right now but you never know. This show isn't just about zombies terrorizing the world and destroying families, it's about survival, trust, and basically asks, "What type of person are you?" The show brings up many issues along the way including your typical racist moments between whites and blacks...but that's only in the beginning. Soon all the survivors in the group above realize sticking together needs to be priority; but then others take charge into their own hand. 

So what type of person would you be? Would you stick with the group and just wait things out, would you think only of yourself and your family, would you leave the group and screw everyone or would you find ways to help others? It's hard to say because survival of the fittest is where our minds might be. But in a world of chaos we don't all have the skills in order to survive. And when your daughter or son becomes a zombie right in from of your eyes, reality soon sets in. When the show returns in February, I will be glued to my laptop (no TV) lol.

A role model in the world

A role model in the world...that's all we need. Growing up surrounding yourself with positive role models is a little hard to come by these days; especially male figures. Today I had the opportunity to speak at Mariana Bracetti Academy's College & Career Week. I spoke about my journey throughout college and how I got to where I am today at Telemundo Philadelphia. After speaking to them it hit me how much trouble our youth is in.

I'm not too familiar with the education system but from what people tell me, it's in trouble. From what I saw in just two classes, I felt bad. Kids will be kids but when they don't believe in themselves at that age, what can they look forward to? Some of the students didn't know what they wanted to do and some were just hesitant to reach their goal. I hope at least one of those kids took something out of what I said and that was really to just push forward; don't let anyone stop you. So don't turn around if you see a young person, embrace them and help them. They can be a bit much but isn't that why we have kids?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Event: Posadas in Norristown, PA!

Sure it's a work event but who doesn't appreciate holiday cheer! A first time for the station, Telemundo Philadelphia is hosting Las Posadas Navidenas, a traditional Latin American Christmas festival, in Norristown, PA and the surrounding areas. This year's holiday celebration will take place on December 16, 18, 19 and 20 starting at 6 p.m. each day. All four posadas will be at restaurants; click the picture above to find out more info on locations.

The Posadas promise to include lots of holiday and family traditions including Hershey's hot chocolate and Hershey's Kisses Chocolates provided by The Hershey Company. Each Posada will begin and end at the confirmed locations. Throughout each procession, attendees will sing traditional Mexican holiday music while knocking-on neighborhood doors requesting to join the group. Each celebration concludes with the traditional breaking of a piñata.  So come out and celebrate with us! You're bound to be on TV :).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meeting like-minded individuals

I've been writing a lot more personal posts in the past few weeks. Not sure what the reason but sometimes it does spark convo, sometimes it just means I'm venting. This morning I had the pleasure of having coffee with (insert name) whom I met at the Most Influential Latinos event. I actually rarely have coffee/lunch with anyone; and if I do it's usually about work-related things. However, this was just a casual talk about life and awesome.

I probably should have started this a while ago but it felt good. I was happy to talk to someone who felt the same way I did about some things in the city and in general. In Philly (and most likely other places), as a Latino you get stuck into two worlds. You're either for your culture and only doing Latino-related things or you're assimilated and not involved. I don't understand why you can't be both? Why can't you enjoy a nice arroz con pollo and also a cheesesteak from Jim's Steaks? The older generation in this city find and mold the younger generation into something they don't want. If you stay away, they look at look like an alien.

It's great to have your immediate friends who probably work in different industries, but it's even better to see who else is out there. Sometimes I feel as though people have hidden agendas and want to take advantage of who you know and where you work. It's rare to meet the other kind that just want to pick your brain. With that, go forth and learn. Be someone who wants to meet people just because, not to grow your network/business. Keep in mind that's what networking is, but don't be selfish. Anyone up for coffee? lol.

Video: Mauricia judges Miss (Latina) Universe

And I know my last post was a bit serious but let's move on to something less serious...well sort of.  Remember Mauricia Rodriguez from the Lower East Side? Well she's back and she's discussing a very important topic: Miss Universe (The Latinas). We all have our own opinion about how people should answer and the questions being asked. Well Ms. Mauricia pretty much just sums ups everything we think about but are just too afraid to say in person. Can someone cast her/him (ze?) in a movie lol.

Hilarious. True. Hilarious.Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is life meant to be stable?

Ever want to just get up and leave? I don't mean literally but sometimes I wonder how life would be like somewhere else. I've seen a lot of people get up and leave to other countries and the other side of the nation to start another life. Yet I see other people or become comfortable with how they are leaving. Then there are those who are forced to stay (i.e. you got somewhat pregnant).

Anyways, I always tend to wonder why I don't just find a job in L.A., Miami or even Colombia; but then I stop to think about it. As if life isn't already difficult, starting a whole new life where I basically know no one can be a little scary. Reason number two, I need to be close to the parents. Yes it's torture every now and then but you have to admit you love them. I know everyone's different but my parent's came to the U.S. to give my brother and I a better life. What would it look like if I just got up and left?

I just have to remember it's my life. The decisions I make will remain mine with no regret. Don't worry, I'm not saying I'm going to move somewhere far (from Philly) anytime soon. I'm only saying it could be a possibility. I mean am I to say I will say no to a job offer in Costa Rica? Colombia? Miami? Maybe. Maybe not. Only time will tell.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pitbull meets BeingLatino

Being Latino (BL), one of the leading Latino community and social media platforms in the U.S. and publisher of Being Latino Online Magazine, has finalized a content partnership with the entertainment site, Planet Pit. The partnership combines two of the most influential and innovative entertainment platforms on the web. BL already has a partnership with several content sites including FoxNewsLatino.

Through this initiative BL will expand their coverage of Latino-relevant entertainment.  The week’s top cinco stories will become a feature on Planet Pit’s site, giving the Being Latino audience an opportunity to be a part of dictating what’s hot in entertainment each week. Although I am disappointed I am not writing for them anymore, I am glad to see BL do big things. Congrats!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie review: Aftershock

Yes I am aware the movie Aftershock is not related to Latinos but I had to write about it. Imagine 23 seconds turn in 32 years...32 years of waiting to confront your mother about why she decided to save your brother and not you. It was 1976 when a small town in China was hit with the most devastating earthquake in possibly the 20th century. Roughly 240,000 lives were lost and torn apart. I won't tell the whole story but it's quite an emotional roller coaster. If you were a mother or father how would you be able to live with yourself when making a decision like that. Or what if you were the daughter and all your life you asked yourself, "Why did my mother abandon me?" Was anyone at fault? Of course not, it's one of those decisions we should never have to make. The film dives into not just family, culture and disaster, but there's a hint of politics as well. I highly recommend watching it with a box of tissues...on Netflix lol. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Delaware Valley's Most Influential Latinos in 2011

Earlier today Impacto Latin Newspaper and the Multicultural Affairs Congress presented their annual Delaware Valley's Most Influential Latinos event at the Hyatt @ Penn's Landing. The event honored 50 emerging and current leaders in the region. Categories included 10 under 40, Latino Leaders, Movers & Shakers and the Most Influential.

This year's (new) honorees included:
  • Edwin Desamour, MIMIC
  • Cristian Hernandez, Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Michelle Angela Ortiz, Visual Artist (and all around cool person lol)
  • Carlos Giralt Cabrales, Consul of Mexico in Philadelphia
 But of course we can't honor Philadelphia's leaders without mentioning Maria Quiñones Sanchez, Kenneth Trujillo, Alfredo Calderon, Ruben Amaro, Jr. among others. This year's ceremony also included the launch of the DVMIL commemorative book which features all honorees from the past six years. Not sure where you can find the book since it was only being sold at the event, but you can probably contact Impacto. Congrats again to all the honorees and here's to another year.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video: HeroStreet's Todo En Ti

Remember Herostreet's last music video? Well just a few days ago they came out with another! I'm a sucker for love songs and this is obviously a nice relaxing "i want you" type of song. Want to meet the band? Well this Saturday you can see them live (if you're in NYC) at D' Antigua Bar and Restaurant in Jackson Heights. Enjoy!

One radio station down, two left

So remember that Spanish radio station Rumba 1480 owned and operated by ClearChannel. Well see what happens when you go to go. Well back in October El Zol 1340AM came to town and pretty much took over the competition. These guys have a very aggressive approach and are changing the way things are done. I was listening today and to my amazement there weren't that many commercials...and the music was good. Granted I was listening online and not on the radio which is a huge difference.

Now I bet you're asking yourself this again, "Why isn't there a Spanish FM station?" I ask myself that every day. Is there a market for it? Of course there is, but it would be a lot of work and very costly. With four shows running weekly including a weekend public affairs program, I believe El Zol will be staying for a while. Sad to see Rumba1480 gone but I didn't even see them around town a lot. Egh. I guess we'll see what happens with the two that are left.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Manhattan's newest maid

Today Telemundo's newest novela, Una Main en Manhattan, premiered. And yes of course the novela is based on the hit J-lo pelicula. Una Maid en Manhattan follows the journey of Marisa Lujan and her son Lalo emigrating from Mexico to the U.S.A. in search of a better life...figures right? However, after suffering disappointment while briefly living in L.A., they move to NYC where she ends up working as a maid in one of Manhattan's most prestigious hotels. By chance, Marisa meets millionaire Cristobal Salas Parker and will eventually fall in love. All of this while Cristobal assumes she is a well-to-do guest, not one of the hotel's maids.

A story about love, it's bound to bring families together who like Marisa came to this country looking for a better life. I must say I was really interested in watching the novela because of this story. All our families (well most) came looking for that dream. Then our mothers and fathers want to fall in love. Is her love a lie or will Cristobal now care for her work? Obviously the media pays attention to this drama and I'm sure there's that evil woman lurking around attempting to ruin Marisa's life. I'm sure she'll overcome right?

Our museum needs your help

As some of you may know the National Museum of the American Latino will most likely happen soon; maybe within the next 4 years. However, the museum needs your help to make it happen as soon as possible. Senator Bob Menendez has introduced the Smithsonian American Latino Museum Act, S. 1868, which designates a location for the future American Latino Museum. If this bill passes, the Arts and Industries Building on the National Mall (in D.C. for those that don't know) will be set aside as the future home of this long overdue museum. This location is perfect because it is close to public transportation and close to other museums and landmarks, so many people will have access to the countless stories of American Latino contributions to American history.

So what exactly do you need to do? Well like any other "change" you need to call your senators and tell them to pass the act. Call: 1-877-429-0678 and ask for your Senators or Representative by name. Tell your members of Congress that you support the creation of the American Latino Museum and that they should vote to pass the Smithsonian American Latino Museum Act, S.1868. While I support the museum, I believe the government should not run it. I'm not sure if the correct portrayal of Latinos would be represented even if we have Latino political leaders at the forefront. Sure the museum can't cater to everyone's needs and there will be angry people, but come on, this is OUR museum; the American Latinos' museum. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Video documentary: No Solo Hay Dos Colores

About a week ago I wrote about a new documentary introducing a mural in Spain. The art project NO SOLO HAY dos COLORES introduces the role of men and women. It also goes deep into what an artist really is and how all the artists came to work together. Enjoy!

An intern reunion

A few weeks ago I attended the Department of Labor - Office of Public Affair's (DOL/OPA) intern reunion in Philadelphia. It was great seeing some familiar faces and people working in the industry and even knowing they took part in the same internship I had. According to the DOL, "Since the start of the program in 2003, the office has provide learning opportunities to nearly 40 college interns from colleges throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area, including The University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Drexel and Rutgers." 

I would like to thank Leni and the rest of the DOL team because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be in my Telemundo Philadelphia chair right now :). The OPA internship was my first approach at public relations and outreach. Considering my major was journalism, it was the start of my journey to the other side (or as some call it the dark side).  Some of the past interns now work in great leadership positions including city government, corporate communications and more. Moral of the story: take the internship!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Día de Acción de Gracias @ Taller PR

Earlier today I volunteered at Taller Puertorriqueno's annual Thanksgiving for the homeless event. I wasn't going to but I left work early and was able to make time. Sometimes we take for granted what we can easily obtain like food, water and shelter. There are hundreds of people who go without any of these every day.

Taller Puertorriqueño’s staff organizes this annual warm dinner and provides clothing and canned groceries to over 300 people in need. There was food was donated by Shining Star Restaurant and Cousin's Supermarket as well as plenty of water provided by Keystone Mercy. I was happy to see other volunteers as well spend at least one hour doing something very selfless.

Interested in other volunteer opportunities? I'm sure you can call their offices or any other local agency in Philadelphia for opportunities. And please don't volunteer because you have to, volunteer because you want to. There's a huge difference. I hope as you sit tomorrow while stuffing your face you remember to thank friends, family and even coworkers. The people we meet in our lives cross our lives for a reason; whether good or bad it's still for a reason. Cherish those memories. Hasta la proxima!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Corporations do care (Goya Foods)

Maybe this just bypassed me but all over South/Central America, cities are being flooded with torrential downpours. And most recently, El Salvador has been a victim of this horrible natural disaster. According to the BBC News article, "The United Nations has launched an emergency appeal to help an estimated 300,000 people in El Salvador after heavy rains caused widespread flooding across Central America." Goya Foods of course is on board with helping its people.

Earlier today, Goya Foods, Inc., announced a donation of 37,000 pounds offood to help those affected by the El Salvador floods. The donation includes evaporated milk, beans, coconut milk and other healthy Goya products. This isn't the first donation Goya has completed; back in March Goya donated 1 million pounds of food to multiple cities. This is a part of they 75th anniversary including their campaign, Goya Gives. So you see, for-profit companies can do good in the community. And GOYA has always been there and to be honest I've never heard anything negative from them. Good job now where's my free rice & beans? lol j/k.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holidays with Comcast

The holiday season is here...sort of and everyone is looking to decorate their casa. But no casa isn't complete without a 2,000 square-foot LED screen right? Well The Comcast Holiday Spectacular” has turned into a must-see attraction in Philadelphia during the holidays and with newly shot scenes of The Nutcracker featuring the renown Pennsylvania Ballet, a Winter Wonderland, and the majestic sounds of a 64-piece orchestra; it’s sure to delight visitors from around the world.  Since its debut in 2008, almost a half million people have experienced this incredible show of holiday imagery, music, and more.

The show can be seen at the top of each hour at Comcast Center from Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day. Daily, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., 15-minute shows at the top of each hour. (Shows are not presented on weekdays at 5:00 p.m.). And yes it's free for all you people who love to ask, "How much?" It's a good "stop by" type of attraction on your way to a museum or something similar. 

Take a look at last year's video highlights:

Philadelphia wants your ideas

So how do you engage an entire community without causing havoc in a meeting room? launch a social media website where users can basically either give you an idea or vent on why they hate the city. Change by US Philly is an online marketplace for community projects that allows you to share ideas for making your city better, and to turn those ideas into projects that have real impact. From tools to network and manage events to helping you connect with local resources, the site supports a number of ways to get involved.

Then again, I've seen a lot of people give ideas and complain yet when they are given the opportunity: NOTHING. Change by US Philly isn't just about posting ideas, it's about actually getting involved. You can search projects by neighborhoods and tap into that network. One of my favorite features is just the design itself. The post-it idea posts are "cute" (hate using that word) but it's real easy to use and searchable. So Philadelphia, instead of complaining about small things, change your neighborhood and your city and then we'll talk about why you dislike _______. Tweet away!

Friday, November 18, 2011


I love art...hence why I am not an artist lol. But I do appreciate good things with positive messages. Michelle Ortiz is one of many artists who worked on the No Solo Hay Dos Colores art project in Spain. The teaser below is just a small taste of what the final documentary, to be release November 21, will be focused on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Puerto Rico is not foreign

As much as people assume Puerto Rico is foreign, it still is a U.S. territory. Although I can't get into politics discussing whether or not PR should be a state or independent, let's discuss something else. Apparently Puerto Rico is ineligible to be nominated for Best Foreign Film in the Academy Awards. According to an article in the NY Daily News, "The controversy arose when the movie, based on the novel “America’s Dream” by Esmeralda Santiago, was not allowed to be considered as a possible nominee for Best Foreign Language Film for the 2012 Oscars."

So why can't they be nominated? I mean if Puerto Rico can compete independently in the Olympics and for the Miss Universe pageant, why can't they win Best Foreign Film?  The online petition at currently has over 1500 signatures but clearly needs more. I wonder what would happen if Puerto Rico did become an independent nation; would things remain the same or would it get better? Either way I believe Puerto Rico should be allowed to win the Academy Award.

Video: Dramatic battle of a lifetime

I absolutely love this video for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Call me a nerd but this is probably one of the most dramatic cinematic opening sequences I have seen. The combination battles and still frames really make this into something completely different. I wonder if they made this into an actual movie what would be the plot and even ending? Galactus is not really a villain nor a hero, he just wants to survive and it just so happens that he needs to eat planets to survive. Awkward. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What does it mean to "look" like something

For the last few weeks the new cleaning lady in my building would always talk to me in English and my coworker in Spanish. I would say hello to her in Spanish but her replies were always in English. Then one day as I was watching the Spanish news, she asked, "Can you understand that?" Really? I work at Telemundo; one would assume I speak Spanish. Then again you should never assume because there are MANY people who work in Spanish media who probably don't speak a word of it.

Her next comment after finding out I was a Jersey-born Colombian was, "Wow I thought you were white." Really though? Granted I did not give her a stank face nor judged her but really? What does it mean to look white or Latino or Asian? How many generalizations and stereotypes are we going to give our gente? I honestly didn't mind it at all but then I thought way too deep in it...just because she's an older Puerto Rican woman as well. Then I thought to myself, "A lot of people in this community think I'm Puerto Rican." Is it because I live in Philly and like to help out? I don't know.

Back in college some people thought I was mixed with some Asian...more Chinese than anything. Not really sure where that comes from but people have said it's either because of my hair and/or my eyes. Racism alert! lol. Again I have no clue why we like to judge people based on their skin, hair, eyes, dress and everything in between. Here I am judging people when I know I have done it in the past. America...the land of opportunity based on what you look like. That's my rant for the day :).

People still send money?

In a study conducted by, the company revealed that Hispanics use their mobile phones to send money more frequently than any other immigrant group.  Mexicans and Central Americans are leading this trend with 13% of remittance transactions being sent from a mobile phone.  Other immigrant groups send 7% of remittances from a mobile phone. This probably explains why people work so hard here, then just move back to Mexico. The U.S. dollar is more valuable in their own country. I wonder if the study shows who's bank account.

Anyways, consumers can now use to send money to Mexico or any other country. Founded in 2001, the website is probably making the smartest business decision ever. I faked attempted to send money to Colombia but was deterred by the sign-up feature. Either way, for a small convenience fee of $5, I say go for it. Sure money transfers via the web seem shady but if PayPal did it why can't Xoom? So please send me some money so I can begin my next journey to Colombia :). J/k.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Video: Shooting a Venezuelan Candidate

So what happens when you run for president outside of the United States? Well apparently you get shot lol. FoxNewsLatino has the whole story but the video is below.

Me Encanta

McDonald's USA is expanding its social media strategy with the launch of @MeEncanta, McDonald's official Twitter handle focused on its growing number of Spanish-tweeting fans living in the U.S. The new social media channel offers followers the latest news about McDonald's menu, exclusive promotions, as well as information on the company's different initiatives to support the community in the areas of education, music and sports.

The new Twitter account will provide contests, inside scoops on workshops, and continue conversations with the Latino community. The handle is managed by McDonald's national Hispanic PR agency of record, VPE Public Relations, and overseen by McDonald's communication and social media teams. Although this account actually existed for a while now, it's starting to gain momentum. One essential part of the account is interaction with the community and thankfully they are! It's one thing to have hundreds, thousands and millions of followers, but if you're not interacting with them, what's the point? So...I wonder if they're going to promote the McRib? lol

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The working class man

 During my current visit to Virginia I started to notice something very interesting. There seems to be a large number of Latinos standing on the streets asking for work. Strategically located near shopping centers, they seem to jump at every opportunity that looks like work.

While I cannot judge nor assume, they might be undocmuented. It's very unfortunate this is most likely how they make a living and are too afraid to find better jobs. So why the Uhaul photo? Only because while helping my brother move they would jump to us with assumptions that we were going to hire them.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An open letter to Santana from Glee

Dear Santana from Glee,

I'm not even sure what to think of you. Sure you think "keeping it" real is an okay thing, but you have to remember you're least that's what the show says you are. If you are, stop being a "bitch," and if you aren't, stop being a "bitch." It took a while for me to get accustomed to you and I liked you a lot. You know how to sing and pretty much get things done your way. However, the negative attitude does not give you the best fan base...especially because it seems as though you're the typical cheerleader and typical Puerto Rican. Again I don't know if you're even Puerto Rican, but just stop it.

Let's take things a step further. You're a closeted lesbian. Ummm now that makes things a little more complicated because you now represent two minorities. Maybe three if you count cheerleading. I'm a big fan of the show and you actually make things hilarious with your jokes and "realness." The fact that you attempt to hide things makes your character more interesting. In fact, don't change. Wait until you get to college lol. Hasta pronto.


A gleek :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video: Philadelphia's Puerto Rican History

Let's just get this out the way and avoid further awkwardness, I'm not Puerto Rican. I've lived in Philadelphia 8 years and there have been some instances where the community has confused me. Anyways, I do however appreciate Philadelphia's Latino culture; Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican and everything else that surrounds this city. I appreciate even more the hidden stories that no one really knows about.

I recently saw the documentary below posted by Gilberto G. and thought this is what people need to see. The history of not just Latinos but Puerto Ricans in Philadelphia. This project is funded by several Latino leaders in the area and will be released in 2012. Enjoy the clip below!

Pennsylvania's First Puerto Rican Mayor

Okay we all know there were elections all over the state of Pennsylvania, but did you know the FIRST Latino Mayor was elected in Pennsylvania history! Jose Rosado was just elected Mayor of Fountain Hill,'s in the Lehigh Valley near Bethlehem. I may not know a lot about him, but it's happy to hear (and sad) about a Latino becoming mayor in our own state. Mayor Rosado was actually appointed to be Fountail Hill's Mayor in the beginning of the year but I'm sure he had to actually run for election thereafter.

Mayor Rosado is a 12-year resident of Fountain Hill Borough and a life long resident of the Lehigh Valley area. He was formerly Director of Community and Student Services with the Allentown School District, and was formerly the Assistant Principal of the East Hills Middle School (2004 – 2010) and Assistant Principal of the Broughal Middle School (1996 – 2004) in the Bethlehem Area School District. Mayor Rosado holds a B.A. in Sociology / Criminal Justice Administration from East Stroudsburg University, an M. Ed. In Education from Lehigh University, and received his Principal Certification for Secondary Schools from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1995. As both a Guidance Counselor at Liberty High School and later as the Assistant Principal of Broughal Middle School, Mayor Rosado has served the students and families of Fountain Hill and will continue to do so in his new role as Mayor.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh how we grow old

I recently wrote an article in Enterate Hispanic Magazine about ageism and giving thanks to those who have helped us (me) in this crazy thing called life. Sometimes we take things for granted and expect things handed to us, other times we don't reach out too often to other. However, there's a point in time where we decide what we want. Young people should reach out to older people for advice, consejos, everything. And for the older generation, we should reach out to them. Well I'm not that old but I do give people 20 and under a chance at things.

I think honestly speaking there are a lot of people out there who don't give young professional Latinos a chance. It's a hateful world out there and in this economy why should they help us right? No. Supporting young Latinos ensures many things including the survival and continuous growth of our gente. Rule of thumb: Latinos need to support other Latinos in all aspects (spiritually, professionally, economically, etc.). As much as I wish I could mentor someone, I find other opportunities for the younger generation.

A hero in us all

Today I had the liberty of meeting two members of Herostreet, a (sort of) new alternative Latino rock band formed here in Philadelphia. A different sound to what most people are used to, I appreciated listening to Jose and Marian's story about coming to the U.S. to pursue their dreams of music. Music and any other form of art is a difficult business to get in but with persistence, it can happen. Formed in 2006, the band consists of three Colombian brothers and two additional bandmates of Puerto Rican descent. They've performed two years in a row at the Hispanic Choice Awards in Philadelphia and their music is heard in various places including here in Philadelphia, New York, Colombia and Mexico. I smell history in the making :).

Herostreet also recently produced their first video for El Sol. Enjoy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Enjoy the LATISM conference this week

The LATISM conference is this week and I am unfortunately not going ::sad face::. The national event –to be held at the beautiful Navy Pier, one of the city’s world class landmarks –will consolidate LATISM’s mission and audience of health providers, government officials, educators, community and thought leaders with three tracks focusing on empowering Latinos: Public Service, Business & Leadership and Personal Influence & Community. And a conference can't be a conference without some awesome awards right? This year LATISM will honor the best bloggers, agencies and organizations which have set the trend and just did an awesome job with using social media.

Some of the awards to be distributed are:
  1. Best Lifestyle Blogger
  2. Best Latin@ Tech Blogger 
  3. Best Latino(a) Social Network Leader
  4. Best Latino(a) Social Network Leader
  5. Best Politician using Social Media to reach Latino(a)s   
With a whopping 26 awards, the night will be filled with many winners and unfortunately some losers. But again they are not losers...I mean they were nominated right? Nonetheless, I hope everyone has a great time time in Chicago (during the cold) and remember to keep on fighting the good fight. I hope to see a conference or something in Philadelphia soon. Hasta pronto!

Shut down ex-gay clinics in Ecuador

Original story It's a simple site where you start a cause and get people to sign your petition. If it worked for those silly ATM fees then why can't it work for everyone else? Today I received an e-mail from about patients in an Ecuadorian clinic basically being tortured for being gay. Anyone want to tell me why this is okay and it's still happening?

According to the petition,  "Paula Ziritti, 24, spent two years in one such facility and for three months was shackled in handcuffs while guards threw water and urine on her.  She describes numerous accounts of physical and sexual abuse."  Ziritti goes on to say, “The closure of the first clinics by the government is good, but not good enough. Why is the clinic where I suffered still open?” I couldn't believe something like this is happening in our world. Torture? Curing homosexuality? Riiiiiiiiiight.

These type of incidents have to make you realize protests in the U.S. are probably the least of our problems. Could clinics like the ones in Ecuador exist in the U.S.? For more information about the petition to stop these clinics visit

Friday, November 4, 2011

The importance of the letter ñ

Oh the letter ñ. Most people don't even know how to even say it. I've heard people say, "You know the letter n with the symbol above it." -_-. Did you know that little symbol is actually called a tilde? True story. Anyways, Mexican American actor Michael Peña walks us through why "ñ" is important. With a little bit of humor, we can only imagine what our other letters will bring. Enjoy!

P.S. Did you know to get ñ while typing you should hit ALT + 164?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Video: Dia de los Muertos

Unlike most cultures, death can have a positive outlook. The Mexican tradition, Dia de los Muertos, celebrates the dead by remembering their life and designing an altar.  Below you'll find a video from Telemundo Philadelphia on the Mexican Cultural Center's Day of the Dead celebration. Enjoy!

Confess your love for Mexico

What happens if you mix Taxi Cab Confessions plus Mexico? Well, you get Mexico's new tourism campaign "Mexico Taxi Project." Not the best name but it sure is sneaky and real. According to a recent NY Times article, "In the commercials, tourists returning from Mexico chat about their trips with drivers from car services who are taking them home. The drivers were, of course, part of the campaign, as were the town cars equipped with hidden cameras that filmed the rides from airports in markets like Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia." The microsite already includes a few videos with taxi passengers talking about their trip to Mexico.

What I'm wondering is what about those who didn't leave good reviews? What was the ratio between good and bad? I'm hoping the other videos are a little more diverse but I'm sure I know what they're going for. According to the NY times article, "The Mexico commercials required considerable logistical set-ups. Tourists were approached at airports in Mexico, Mr. Llanes said, and again after they landed at their home airports." Passengers were asked for their opinion for a "new brand of tequila" and in return would get a free ride home. Sweet deal right? Have you been to Mexico...thoughts?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why Shakira is a global phenomenon

For various reasons, Shakira will be one of the biggest entertainers in the world. She's conquered philanthropic charities, education, the World Cup, music and more. A few days ago it was also reported that, on November 8 at 11.30 a.m., she would be honored with the 2,354th star on Hollywood Walk of Fame in the Category of Recording.Um awesome? And just as an honorable mention, Shakira was the 2011 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year! But I'm happy she is more than just awards...she tackles very important issues like education and is buddy buddy with President Obama. Imagine that. Shakira...keep doing your thing :).

Video: Sentimientos

A little Charlie Zaa never hurt anyone right? He was awesome back in the day...and now he's back. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Event: Delaware Valley's Influential Latinos

It's that time of the year again where Impacto Latin Newspaper and the Multicultural Affairs Congress awards the Delaware Valley's Most Influential Latinos. What started in 2006 as a magazine supplement and dinner has turned into one of the most talked about events of the year. Sure I was awarded last year but it really is a nice event; they also change the format of the event every year which is always great. This year's event will feature a commemorative book with all past awardees! How cool is that? I wonder if they'll ever use those videos we recorded last year?

To purchase your ticket click here or call 215.922.5465. See you there!

Update 11/18/11:
Just received the press release with some of this years award winners! And while some are obvious and past recipients, there are some new entries as well. This year’s honorees include: Ruben Amaro, Jr., Philles General Manager; Maria Quiñones-Sanchez, Philadelphia City Council; Kenneth Trujillo, founding member of Trujillo Rodriguez and Richards LLC; Sara Manzano Diaz, Director of the Labor Department's Women's Bureau; Romulo Diaz, Vice President Governmental and External Affairs at PECO; and Rudolph Garcia, Chancellor at the Philadelphia Bar Association; among others. The awards dinner and ceremony will be emceed by 6 ABC’s Action News reporter, Walter Perez.

Educating the Latinos to exceed

DECIDE.PLAN.ACT. That should sum up everyone's goals in life. Decide where you want to be and what you want to be. Plan ahead...there's nothing worse than jumping into things and acting like you know everything. After planning then you act. Your educational goals should be short and long term. And what better way to get national attention than a tweetchat right!? That's why in maybe (NOW) less than 10 minutes, The @newfuturo & @beinglatino DECIDE.PLAN.ACT. tweetchat will commence. Follow the education conversation at #LatinoEdu. 

Education should be extremely important to Latinos in the EE.UU. Sure you keep reading all these numbers about Latinos in this state and that state, but what good is that without an education. An education is needed to fulfill a lot of American lifestyles. I understand it's not SUPER DUPER necessary but it's an essential part of life. Why do you think our parents came to this pais? A bachelor's in today's age is easy to get (maybe), but let's move forward with master's degrees and even Ph.Ds.

Join us at the Tweetchat today (3 p.m. EST) and tomorrow, November 2 at 8 p.m. EST.

Monday, October 31, 2011

We are not costumes

As Halloween ends, think about how many racially ethnic costumes you saw. A few right? Well a recent student organization at Ohio University wanted these costumes to end. According to a FoxNewsLatino article, "Students Teaching Against Racism (STARS) posted an ad campaign called 'We're a Culture, Not a Costume,' aimed at curbing the use of racially charged costumes. Initially the posters appeared on the group's Tumblr account and were only intended for use on the university's campus."

Probably one of the smartest ad campaigns I've seen, the students have received an enormous amount of feedback (negative and positive). Where the campaign will go from here is up in the air. The student group deserves a huge round of applause of bringing awareness to not just their school, but to the nation. Sure they didn't expect the attention, but awareness is always a good thing. 

Why do we get involved?

So I may have written about this before but this past week just hit me like a 12 pack of...Miller Lite? Anyways, I sometimes have to re-ensure myself about getting involved with this community. Note: This community = Philadelphia's Latino community. And let me tell you, it's pretty nasty. Latinos who have been in the game look at you with disgust, African-Americans let you be and don't really care, and our "white" counterparts just think you're Puerto Rican. Sure this isn't the case for everyone but I have seen it at its worst.

But going back on topic, I get involved because one never knows where these professionals and organizations will take you. Currently I'm most involved with the Philadelphia Public Relations Association and the National Association of Latino Arts & Culture Philadelphia Host Committee. Pretty much taking up a lot of my time, but it expands my network; did I mention it's a lot of work? Don't get me wrong I love supporting these organizations. I never have a hidden agenda and I always stay open-minded. I get involved because in order to get anywhere in life, I have to say "yes." Then again if I had millions of dollars I could just stay at home and do nothing...maybe volunteer.

Maybe I just need to relax. The holidays are approaching and I need to concentrate on family and the people close to me. The professional life is getting more and more intense since a lot of people don't have jobs, people who do have jobs are getting so many demands and so on. Occupy Wall Street (and every other city) is putting a lot of pressure on big corporations and banks. What is to come of our future? 2012...I hope you're a little better than what 2011 brought me.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bring it Home NALAC

Earlier today the Multicultural Affairs Congress (MAC) awarded some of the leading multicultural industry leaders. Although I wish I would have seen a little more Latino presence, it was good to see those who did show face. Anytime I enter a room I seem to place myself in a box because no one around me is the same: age, ethnicity, sex, etc. It just doesn't seem to ever make sense.

Anyhoot, I was happy to see El Sol Latino Newspaper and the National Association of Latino Arts & Culture (NALAC) awarded by MAC. It was also very heart-felt when they awarded Karin Phillips the Legacy Award for her work as a community affairs reporter for KYW Newsradio. I had the opportunity to work with her a few times and although quite the character, she had a heart like no one else.

So it's less than one year where NALAC will hold it's conference in Philadelphia. What's so special about this? Well let's start with the fact that this is the first time the conference will be held on the East Coast. That should be special enough. This year's theme, Seizing the Moment Now, is just a small glimpse of things to come. And from the looks of the 2010 conference, Philadelphia is bound to be one of the best yet. See you in a year.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After three years, the hisPANIC still lives

Wow imagine's been three years since I started this tiny blog. I never would have imagined being pitched by PR agencies or other corporations considering I do that sometimes as well. However, you can't miss out on cool swag and excellent (tasty) samples. I'm glad I am still able to sustain this blog and at least inform one or two people of cool happenings not just in Philadelphia but all over the country. Again this blog is about us en los EE.UU. and then some. Gracias for all the support both good and bad.

And similar to last year's anniversary post, let's take a look at some great posts from the last year.
Of course there are countless other posts which pissed people off or just didn't get enough attention. Feel free to leave any feedback whatsoever. I attempt to take everything into consideration negative or positive. Here's to another year :).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latism takes Times Square

We are all well aware about Latinos in Social Media (Latism). From November 9 - 11, Latism will host its annual conference in Chicago, Il. And to lead up to this amazing conference, the organization will celebrate its upcoming LATISM ’11 conference with a 7,400 square foot digital billboard atop the world-renowned Reuters sign at 3 Times Square, New York City on October 28, 2011 at 6:30 pm. All pics taken during the billboard presentation will be tweeted throughout the day and then added to a collage of photos during the conference in Chicago. 

To accompany the unveiling of the billboard, the non-profit has also organized a NYC Chapter Tweetup immediately following it, which will take place at the Heineken New York City Offices. During the tweetup, several lucky winners will also have a chance to win tickets to the conference, one of the most anticipated social media events of the year. Passes to the conference vary so this would be a great opportunity to find a scholarship. Wish I could go; best of luck to everyone!

Faster than a flying chancla

YES! As BeingLatino said when they posted this photos, "They're finally figuring out how to get our attention!" And it's true. This isn't racially motivated, it's just hilarious. And like any other great idea geared towards Latinos, this comes from Texas. And it's not just the adds, when you click on Pronto Auto Insurance's website you get, "More flexible than a flour tortilla." How more Texas Latino can you get?

So will it work? My best bet is that old school immigrants will not purchase this insurance; instead their children will purchase. It's the new-age Latino which knows what exactly the above advertising means. And of course when first-generation born Latinos get the insurance, the word of mouth begins. What do you think of the above advertisement? I honestly think it's the funniest thing ever...but to be honest I don't have a car so I don't need it haha.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Highlighting Philadelphia's multicultural professionals

Ah yes the never ending struggle of our multicultural people. I'm always happy to see organizations like the Multicultural Affairs Congress (MAC) honor/award our leaders doing big things. This Thursday, MAC, which is a division of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PCVB), is celebrating its 17th Annual Recognition Awards Luncheon entitled “Power, Pride & Progress” by honoring industry and community leaders for their accomplishments in support of MAC’s mission. Mayor Michael A. Nutter will address PCVB-booked multicultural convention success and highlight upcoming initiatives and big wins for Philadelphia.
  • Charisse R. Lillie, President, Comcast Foundation; VP, Community Investment, Comcast Corp.
  • David Kong, CEO & President, Best Western International 
  • El Sol Latino Newspaper (Award Recipient) 
  • Local Host Committee for the 2012 National Association of Latino Arts & Culture (NALAC) Convention 
  • Karin A. Phillips, Awarded Posthumously (Award Recipient)
This annual luncheon is the largest and only gathering of diverse hospitality professionals in the city that is dedicated to increasing Philadelphia’s recognition as a top multicultural and convention city. MAC’s annual luncheon brings together hospitality professionals from all across the region who champion its mission to promote Philadelphia as an ethnically diverse visitor destination. More than 500 people attend the yearly sold-out event.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mom's decorating paid off

So as I sit here at the airport ob my phone I started looking at some photos I took at work. My job had a corporate contest to decorate our reception area and was my job to decorate. Luckily I had 18 years of experience because growing up mom loved doing this stuff for almost every holiday.

I went to two differnt stores and bought a whole bunch of junk. With a small gameplan I decorated to the best of my abilities. And surprisingly I received a lot of great compliments from our staff and the cleaning crew. I guess all that preparation growing up paid off :).

So if I don't win ill be pretty upset lol. Below you'll find some of the photos with poses from our intern.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The USA is one of those countries

Our home country, USA, is one of those countries we love and hate. It's one of those countries where we assume the best and expect the worst. It's one of those countries where we take advantage of everything and complain about everything else. So why not document what is not really known like the hundreds of thousands of children working "our" harvests for less than minimum wage.

THEHARVEST/ LA COSECHA brings to life the story of over 400,000 American children who are torn away from their friends, family, and school education to work demanding hours picking crops that feed America. Director U. Roberto Romano focuses on the lives of migrant farm workers Zulema, Perla, and Victor (aged 12-16) and captures how their 14 hours a day, 7 days a week on below minimum wage job requires much individual sacrifice in order for their families to survive.  

From the preview below, you can tell this will make it to everyone's TV screens. The ALMA NCLR Special Achievement Award winning movie, executive produced by Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria, is now available on DVD and VOD platforms. 

The Harvest/La Cosecha - Theatrical Trailer from Shine Global on Vimeo.

Grupo Niche en concierto

There's nothing like watching a band you grew up with live. Last Friday Grupo Niche performed live at Infinity Lounge in Trenton, NJ. A small venue but nonetheless, they killed it and they are clearly had one of the best performances live. Not a lot of artists can perform live but their music was on point and they sounded like the original thing. Here's to you Colombia!