Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taller Puertorriqueño is ever growing and needs your help!

I'm a huge of Taller Puertorriqueño (Taller), also known as El Corazón Cultural del Barrio, The Cultural Heart of Latino Philadelphia. Taller was actually my first employer from 2007-2008 and have stayed in touch with most of the group since then. They produce amazing exhibitions, youth programs, author series, the ever-growing Feria del Barrio and much more.

Since 2008 I've seen Taller grow and still struggle to find the final funding for their capital campaign for the new Taller building on 5th Street. Through new construction, Taller will create a gathering and meeting place, a crossroads, and a focal point for community pride while successfully addressing handicap accessibility and other operating issues and growing to meet community demand. New studios, gallery space, and a café will make Taller the community’s gathering space, while expanded programs, an expanded gift shop, rentable function rooms and incubator space for new businesses will provide new revenue streams.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Netflix announces Spanish-language programming

Netflix. You're on the right track! The world’s leading Internet television network, announced today its first Spanish-language original series, a comedy from director Gaz Alazraki that reunites the team that made Nosotros los Nobles, one of the most successful Mexican box office hits of all time.

According to the press release, the 13-episode series from Alazraki Entertainment is set to premiere in 2015 and centers on a family feud among heirs of a soccer club after the owner’s death. Shooting entirely in Mexico and featuring a cast from all over Latin America, including Nobles star Luis Gerardo Mendez, the series offers a satirical, highly entertaining look into the world of professional futbol.

Let's see. Soccer and Mexicanos. That is probably going to draw a lot of attention within the U.S. Just think about Telemundo and Univision's programming strategy. Mexicans make up 33 million of the U.S. Hispanic population with Puerto Ricans coming in second at approximately 5 million.

Watch a preview to Nosotros los Nobles after the jump:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

National Museum of the American Latino Campaign Contest - Part 3!

The Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino are up to their annual campaign design contest again. Vote for your favorite! Only one vote per person is allowed, so be sure to tell your friends to go vote for your favorite design. A trip to Washington, D.C. for a premier Cinco de Mayo celebration, a national media campaign, and a chance to be a part of history is on the line! To be honest I'm not sure what they plan on doing with these posters considering it's the third year. Maybe when the museum finally opens we can get the ball rolling right?

I chose the piece above because it stood out the most. It clearly defined what my family has gone through and what we all aspire to become/do. Alejandro Martinez from Santa Rosa, CA says, "This piece of art work is inspired by the struggles of all Latinos, and the hope they have for a brighter future. I tried to capture the moment where one generation passes down the torch to the next generation."

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Budweiser plugs into "César Chávez" film

I absolutely loved this idea from Budweiser! Sure there are some discussions about what sponsorships should go with which events...it's a fine line. For example, Concilio not too long ago stopped accepting beer sponsorships for their annual Hispanic Fiesta on Penn's Landing. Why? Well for one thing the oldest Latino non-profit provides social, educational, health and cultural services to the Latino population...this of course includes substance abuse.