Friday, March 15, 2013

Is the Pope Latino?

First let's ask, "Does it matter if he's Latino or not?" Yes it does matter because with the estimated 45 million Latino Catholics living in the U.S., you're going to need a reason to make him Latino. There are various news outlets, like the Huffington Post's Latino Voices, calling him Latino in the headline.

BeingLatino raised the question on Facebook and of course there are mixed reactions and even people attempting to identify what is a Latino. One person comments, "Argentinians don't claim Latino. They claim European," while another writes, "He's a Latino without a doubt. He was born in Argentina, which is in South America and where Spanish is the official language." So what is the definition of a Latino? Although a dictionary might say one thing, as a people we could easily say something else. 

An article in BeingLatino states, "The election of a Latin American is being celebrated by the 480 million Catholics living in Latin America, not to mention the estimated 45 million Latino Catholics in the United States. The Argentine-born son of Italian immigrants, Papa Francisco is already hailed as a 'Pope for the People,' like some ecclesiastical Obama." What should matter is that this new Pope is indeed the first from South America and he speaks Spanish. Should it matter if he's considered Latino?  Maybe this is just a ploy in the church seeking more Catholics which of course leads to more $$. Egh.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 2nd Annual Campaign Design contest is back!

Last year's design winner via Uno Branding
Remember last year's American Latino campaign contest? Well it's back for the second time! The Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino are giving their supporters the opportunity to be an important part of the campaign to create a National American Latino Museum in Washington, D.C. After receiving inspiring designs from talented artists nationwide during the inaugural Campaign Design Contest in 2012, the museum is bringing this contest back to give supporters the opportunity to share their artistic vision for this museum.

Last year's design by UNO Branding, a Latino-owned agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, won after more than 6,000 votes. This design by UNO Branding served as the central image for FRIENDS promotional materials, online imaging, and posters. Posters were distributed at major Latino conferences nationwide and to members of Congress.To be honest, I voted for this submission as well because it pretty much summed up our gente in the United States.

For more information on how to enter this year's contest, click here

Thursday, March 7, 2013

American Idol's Lazaro Arbos moving on

America (especially the Latinos living here) fell in love with Lazaro Arbos when he auditioned for American Idol a few weeks ago and made everyone cry. Seriously. And now he's in the Top 20 and I'm sure he'll make it to the Top 10. And yes while there are two other Latinos on the show, Arbos' adversity seems to make him favorable.

Reality shows are always adding more Latinos to shows but you have to wonder if producers sit behind a desk and say, "We need to keep him/her because he/she is Latino." Or has our culture become mainstream enough where that doesn't matter anymore? Either way, I'm rooting for Arbos.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Latino world has become smaller

So it's been almost months since I even attempted to write something on this blog. As you may know I have moved back to New Jersey near Atlantic City to start a new career path. Almost all my "work" ties within the Latino community have all been disconnected. The only times I get to see anything remotely Latino is on social media. Although I do tend to keep in touch with a lot of people it's not business related. And as we all know if you're not talking business it's of no relevance. Working in a town of about 40,000, it's rare to find people who look like you. The ironic part is that 30% of the population is Latino. Right.

In Philadelphia, the Inquirer stated protesters outside City Hall last Friday said they were outraged that a judge, who acquitted former police Officer Jonathan Josey of assaulting a woman attending the Puerto Rican Day Parade, was married to a police officer. This case keeps getting crazier and crazier. This case brings so much into one punch including police brutality and racial discrimination. It makes it worse that this involves an African-American office and a Puerto Rican woman. This probably won't be solved anytime soon.

I also recently read a story online that stated two Latino Philadelphians may want to run for Mayor in 2015. The article said, "THE FIELD of potential 2015 candidates for mayor now includes two former city solicitors who served Mayor John Street: Ken Trujillo and Nelson Diaz." I honestly don't know what to say. I haven't really worked with either of them but I've heard more positive things from one than the other. I have respect for both but it's interesting what you hear from those who have worked within the Latino community. Key statement: working in the Latino community.

Then there's this story in the March issue of Philadelphia Magazine. No words. I hope to keep this blog updated daily with not just Philadelphia stories, but national as I have been doing before. My opinion will be added a little more as well ;).