Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vote for Your Fav. Latino In Social Media

The masterminds behind Latism are bringing you the (first?) ever Latinos in Social Media tour! And um FYI, it's this weekend so if you haven't registered already, do so ASAP. It's not just a conference, it's an awards ceremony. You know Latinos love winning stuff (because we usually never get that Oscar).

Categories include Best NY Latino Blogger, Best NY Latino Tweep, Best NY Latino(a) Social Network Leader and Best NY Media/PR Firm using Social Media. And these are just for New York, the conference will visit Florida and Texas in the next few weeks. To view the full conference schedule and awards nominees, click here.

Sadly I will be missing this tour, but I'm sure they'll understand...I'll be here.

Vamonos en SouthwestAir

So as I think about my upcoming trip I can't help but wonder, does SouthwestAir have a Spanish language web-site? Sure enough they do! Although I had to Google it at first I found out the url is I must say the "vamonos" was unexpected but it is catchy. The website looks just like the English version but obviously the front page header is different and there's even a graphic stating "Reservar un viaje en español llame...". Although there is no graphic on the English site stating this, I realized it's because some Latinos don't want to reserve anything online...especially the older folk. My dad doesn't trust the internet, he would want to call.

This just might make me want to book a flight en español for no reason lol. Did somebody say Los Angeles in 2010!?

Kudos to you SouthwestAir.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Street Fighter!?

Somebody shoot me because someone just revealed Super Street Fighter IV! What's the 411? "Some rumored characters include Street Fighter III's Makoto, Ibuko and Dudley, as well as Final Fight's Cody and Guy."

I mean who doesn't love a new Street Fighter game?! Although my favorite will always be Marvel Vs. Capcom, this just adds to the list of, "I'm gonna kick your a** in this game." Please advise :).

I Endorse AfroBorike

Looks like AfroBorike didn't win America's Best Dance Crew...oh well. However, it was great to see they go into the finale. But was it really about winning? No it wasn't. It was about being who you are...that's what ABDC Season 4 was about. Vouging, Latino, Female and more represented themselves to America through the art of dance. Remember, I didn't expect AfroBorike to win, I expected them to represent para toda la gente. A group made up of Puerto Ricans and Cubans showed America how different yet "awesome" Latino music can be. They showed America how Latino music can blend in with hip-hop...and not just reggaeton. They best portrayed this with their Swag & Surf performance and the trampoline. So kudos to you AfroBorike, continue doing what you do best!

One of my favorite performances:

Support AfroBorike and join their Facebook page!

Monday, September 28, 2009

One of Mexico's Ancient Islands

Little did I know Cozumel, Mexico is actually part of a small island of the coast of Mexico. So what exactly does this mean? It means that "if" we leave the island during our excursion, we have to make sure to get back in time! Hopefully I get to experience the cultural part of Mexico. After a convo I had with some fraternity brothers, seeing the ancient Mayan ruins will be exciting. According to Wikipedia, The Maya are believed to have first settled Cozumel by the early part of the 1st millennium AD, and older Preclassic Olmec artifacts have been found on the island as well

Don't be fooled...but please be careful

So you're on a "random" road trip from California to the tip of South America, what do you do!? Well one thing you don't do is take the mountain route! On National Geographic - Locked Up Abroad, we sort of realize taking brides are bad decisions, we also learn jails in other countries aren't to mess around. I watched the Colombian episode and it was different.

In this episode, Vacationing American Glen Heggstad is kidnapped by the National Liberation Army, tortured and interrogated for five weeks. However, this guy was smart. He realized that if he posed as a cancer patient, almost ready to die, they would want to get rid of him. Eventually after almost a week, he was released. The weird part...he continued his journey to the tip of South America.

I was just glad Heggstad didn't seek to find revenge. He didn't want "them" to win and that's what made him continue. So is it safe to travel to Colombia? Of course! Just be smart about it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

That Really Doesn't Grind My Gears...Nuestra Cultura!

Last Sunday was Taller PR's 26th annual Feria del Barrio. Check out Al Dia's video below...go Latinos!

A museum for the American Latino

If Latinos had a museum what would it look like? Well I mean what would it include? Does our history start in Florida, Philadelphia, California or maybe even in Mexico? Well according to the upcoming National Museum of the American Latino, "The National Museum of the American Latino will create a home for the historical artifacts, images, and personal stories documenting over 500 years of American Latino contributions to the United States. The Museum will serve as an educational tool for the thousands who visit the museum each year, as well as instilling a sense of pride in the Latino community today and in the future."

Something else to consider is if the museum would integrate our 3 cultures: African, Spanish and Indigenous. I would hope so. Latinos have played an integral part of U.S. history, from the Revolutionary War to naming states to even discovering the concept of zero! I hope this comes out to be a great museum.

What would you want to be displayed?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...Facebook events & messages

It really frustrates me when people send 1,000 messages on Facebook reminding me about their party, fundraiser, social event, etc. Do you really need to let me know 9 days in advance? Do you really have to let me know this will be the hottest party of the semester? I don't even go to school anymore! So please stop with the never ending messages. If I said YES then that means I'm coming.

p.s. If you want the messages to stop don't hit NOT ATTENDING, hit REMOVE FROM MY EVENTS. Let's just hope they don't invite you again.

La Musica Colombiana

So I've been inspired to write about la musica Colombiana. Latinos have such a variety of music in their veins that's it's almost impossible to write about it all. From Latin Jazz and Mambo to Salsa, Tejano, Chicano Rock, Latin pop, and Reggaeton. However, when it comes to Colombian music, I always enjoyed the sounds of vallenato; and today there's Shakira; one of Colombia's biggest selling artist. Some other inspiring Colombian artistas include Joe Arryoyo, Gali Galiano, Charlie Zaa, Fruko y sus Tesos, Carlos Vives, Binomio de oro and Tulio Zuloaga.

And if you're really into the history, check out the PBS special Latin Music USA airing October 12th and 19th. Their web-site really dives into the variety of music Latino culture offers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miami in One Night

So as all (maybe some) of you know, my Carnival cruise is coming up. We'll be leaving from Miami, FL on October 1st. However, why not stay in Miami for una noche! While I must say the Greater Miami Conventions & Visitors Bureau has a nice site, I wonder what am I going to do for one night? I'm obviously going to experience the nightlife but I am probably going to be amazed by everything.

And no I won't be missing my cruise. Although the boat leaves at 4 p.m., we have to be there at 1 p.m. (for check in). So I'm asking you world...what should I do por una noche in Miami!? Anything close to the Starlite Hotel will be great...that's where I'll be staying.

The US Census is Reaching...Far

Maggie Steber for The New York Times

So how to you target Hispanics? Why not hit them where they watch the most...las novelas! As part of Telemundo’s partnership with the 2010 Census, the Hispanic television network has written a census storyline into their popular telenovela “Más Sabe El Diablo.” Now I must say this is very very clever of them, but will it work? I don't watch novelas but from what I remember, they are usually over-dramatic and involve lots of sex scandals. I could be wrong today but still. According to a NY Times article, "the Census Bureau is helping to compose a remarkable story line featuring the Perla Beltrán character on the telenovela, amid the genre’s usual tales of sex scandals, unspeakable illnesses and implausible villains. It may be the first plotline on a soap opera blessed by the United States government."

Hopefully it gets the point across. In fact, this story line better hit home hard! I think I'll ask my parents what they think about the Census even though they DO count. Although they aren't US Citizens, they are legal residents of the US.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrate Puerto Rican Heritage

The time is at hand for the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philadelphia. This is when vendors from across the region decide to sell all their Puerto Rican para; from flags to shirts that say, "Bye Hater". This is also the time when bars, clubs and lounges go all out with their after-party! And of course my fraternity is no different.

This Friday, September 25th join the hermanos of Gamma Phi Sigma "Hermanos Unidos" Fraternity at the Puerto Rican Day Parade Pre-Party at Club Mambo, 1850 N. 5th Street. Oh and sorry but the picture above is from Club Sambda. Don't worry though, Mambo is much closer and the party is from 9 p.m. - 3 a.m; no other club in Philly stays open until 3 a.m.

$5 for the Fellas till 10pm ($10 after)

18 to Party
21 to Drink

Will Latinos become America's Best Dance Crew?

So AfroBorike is heading to the finale for America's Best Dance Crew. I'm not really sure how I feel about this. Of course it's good because they are the first Latino crew to make it to the finals...they are representing for all Latinos. However, did they really deserve it? They were different but there were times where the performances were just "okay".

AfroBorke's last performance was the soul of what they represent...the Latino culture. With drums, African dance, strong movements and flips, AfroBorike told America Latino's are here to stay. Then again isn't that what Sotomayor did? Hmmmm conspiracy? I hope not. I don't expect them to win. Although it's great to be in the finals, We Are Heroes deserves it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Power of Social Media & North Philly

Google Justus Rivera and what do you get? How about a kid from North Philly on the news and all over Twitter. The best part...he got asked to be a guest on the Ellen show! Imagine that. The power of social media at its best. According to the NBCPhiladelphia story, "The prodigy was discovered by Kutcher on the corner of 18th and Walnut on Sept. 5. The actor then posted a video he shot of Justus’ sidewalk performance to his Twitter account." From there some producer saw the video and asked Rivera to be on the show.

So the next time you see a random guy, girl or child on the street trying to make $$ (with a talent), don't dismiss them...give them a chance.

Back to Basics - Philly's Latino Men

In case you haven't noticed, Philly is sort of ran by Latinas. I mean I have no problem with that, I give a lot of credit to Councilwoman Quiñones, she's a great person. But did you ever stop to think, "Where are those strong Latino leaders?" Growing up I really only had my father and brother. Then in college there wasn't anyone that stood out until I pledged. Unfortunately we are not all in college or able to pledge.

Join Back to Basics at their 3rd annual Latino Men Call to Action on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. The theme for the day will be to get back to the way it used to be. Where people took care of people, when respect for people and property were the norm, when you truly were your brother’s keeper. The event will consist of entertainment, food, children’s activities, prizes and organizations providing information thru tables and kiosks. Last year over 1,200 men signed the pledge and the committee has set a goal of 2,500 for this year. The event will be from 2pm - 6 pm at 9th & Hunting Park.

Friday, September 18, 2009

That Really Doesn't Grind My Gears...Ramon

Blog dedication to Ramon:

Ramon, you have and always will be the one to make people smile/laugh. With all the things you've been through you still manage to get up and fight it. We should all look up to you with your strength...that's why you are Guatu. Your flame will never stop burning; it's forever. The past few weeks have just been a challenge in this crazy world called life. It's almost every day that you would text me or other brothers asking to go out and enjoy life...and that's how it should be.

Hasta pronto hermano; I'll see you soon.

Philly's Puerto Rican Day Parade

Here in Philly there are hundreds of festivals that go on throughout the year. However, 2009 brought difficulties to these event planners...the Puerto Rican Day parade was no different. In fact, councilwoman Quiñones is trying to lower to the costs to produce the parade. According to an article in Al Dia, "La concejal María Quiñones Sánchez está en negociaciones con la ciudad de Filadelfia para bajar la cuenta municipal de la Parada Puertorriqueña de $30 mil."

It's very difficult to produce these events. Every year I've noticed attendee percentages go way down. What could it be? I mean the festival is free and in the city. Are Latinos afraid to come this way? I don't think they should. I work in the city and live in Northern Liberties, I also like going to El Centro de Oro every now and then. FYI - It's not that difficult to get around!

P.S. The 47th Regional Puerto Rican Day Parade is on Sunday, September 27th and begins at 12:00 noon at 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, marches north along 16th Street to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and winds up at Eakins Oval near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where will you be December 2012?

Although I already knew about the upcoming movie 2012, I couldn't help get more excited/nervous after seeing this ad. I mean just look at it, "We were warned." According to the Mayan calendar, everything ends in the year 2012. They say it's supposed to be one of the most catastrophic events period.

And just as an FYI, according to this Cafe Magazine article, it's not just the Mayans predicting the end of the world:
But almost all cultures have an apocalyptic streak, some that eerily coincide with Mayan visions: Lord Krishna spoke of a golden age following world-wide destruction in the Kali Yuga time cycle
What do you think? Where will you be December 2012?

Fun Facts of the Day

During my business trip to Puerto Rico in June someone said to me, "There are Latinos in Philadelphia?" It was a sarcastic remark and to be honest I didn't get mad, I just chuckled. What's the reason why we don't get recognized? I'm not really sure. But just in case you ever need information, here are some fun facts about Latino Philadelphia.
  1. Second largest Hispanic Market in the northeast, following NYC
  2. 16th largest Hispanic Market in the country (larger than Denver, Boston, Orlando, Washington DC and Austin)
  3. Similar to the overall national stat, Latinos are the fastest growing minority in Philadelphia with a pop. of (about) 428,000
Source: 2002 US Census Bureau

Also, although you can find Latinos all over the region, Philly's Hispanic neighborhood (El Centro de Oro) runs for about 2 blocks from 5th and Lehigh to 5th & Cambria. It was formed around the 1970s/80s when gentrification hit (again). El Centro de Oro is also home to over 140 businesses including cultural attractions like Taller PR, Centro Musical and many restaurants.

There is actually a lot more including health organizations, media and cultural institutions. You should come explore yourself!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't you wanna Fanta!?

So I really had no clue the Fanta girls were gone until a few weeks ago. I was watching TV and a dramatic commercial came on notifying us common folk about a future Fanta girl...imagine that? But you have to admit, the song was catchy and for some reason we would sing it at random times. Well I must admit after reading about the Fanta girls I sort of want to try the apple flavor...yes there are more than 4 flavors.

Anyways, they finally chosen the 4th Fanta girl and her name is Shakira Barrerra. Check out this behind-the-scenes video of her final audition, photo shoot and her reaction to hearing the big news.

Pro: She's from New Jersey!
Con: I believe I am allergic to Pineapple lol

Pro: Her name is Shakira
Con: Isn't soda bad for you?

Wal-Mart taking the extra step

First off, I saw this comment on the USA Today story last Friday, "No thanks. I get enough "Latino Heritage" when I go to Wal-Mart." Okay so it may be true but oh well. Wal-mart is taking the extra step to help Latinos across the U.S.A. Instead of just translating their web-site they've even created an education section called "Ahorra mas. Vive Mejor." It offers everything from products (of course) to advice and financial aid.

Kudos to you guys.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nightlife - P.Y.T.

One would think all Latinos want to do is Latino stuff right? Wrong, we like to go out to "regular" restaurants and bars as well (whatever that means). The other night I was at the Piazza when I read a Tweet which definitely caught my attention...$1 drinks from 10 p.m. - 11 p.m. Maybe it's just me but with a friend out of town I think he would like that deal.

So we all headed to P.Y.T. to check out their "back room". As scary as that sounds it really was a back room. I tell you maybe it was the liquor or maybe I'm naturally paranoid but I was hesitant to enter because we sort of had to go through the bathroom. Then when we walked through the other door, it hit us...someone called it the TrueBlood room. The room was dark, the windows covered and a painted black deer was staring at us. I really thought a whole bunch of vampires were going to jump (or turn) around midnight, luckily they didn't. Good music, good people, good food.

1050 N. Hancock St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 268-7825

Celebrate your heritage in Philly

Photo by G. Widman for GPTMC

A while back I gave you an intro to why Hispanic Heritage Month exists here in the United States; well get ready because tomorrow we get to start celebrating. So what are you doing to celebrate? Attending Restaurant week at a Latino themed restaurant? Hitting up Taller Puertorriqueño over the weekend for the 26th annual Feria del Barrio?

Either way, be sure to celebrate your heritage the way your ancestors would and remember who you are.

Below you'll find events in the upcoming weeks in Philly.

  • In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Sesame Place presents a special show starring Maria—played by Sonia Manzano since 1973—and her pal Rosita, September 19-20. For kids, it’s a chance to learn the Spanish words of the day and to interact with two of Sesame Street’s most beloved characters. 100 Sesame Road, Langhorne, (866) GO-4-ELMO,
  • Taller Puertorriqueño hosts its 26th annual Feria del Barrio on September 20. One of Philadelphia’s largest celebrations of Latino music and culture, the event brings together thousands of residents to celebrate arts, education and community. Salsa sensation Foto Rodriguez y La Orquesta La Unica and reggaeton’s Zion y Lennox are among the musical acts scheduled to perform. 2721 N. 5th Street, (215) 426-3311,
  • Philadelphia’s 47th Annual Regional Puerto Rican Day Parade, held on September 27, is the oldest and largest outdoor event celebrating Puerto Rican and Latino heritage in the city. Complete with music, dancing and floats, the parade begins at 12:00 noon at 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard, marches north along 16th Street to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and winds up at Eakins Oval near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. (215) 627-3100,
  • The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts presents two Saturdays of musical acts, including flamenco artist Paco Peña (October 3) and the Panamanian jazz group Danilo Perez Trio with Lizz Wright (October 10). Concert goers are also encouraged to take the guided English-language building and theater tour while following along with a written translation in Spanish. Broad & Spruce Streets, (215) 893-1999,

Museum Happenings:

  • Visitors to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology can view a world-renowned collection of ancient Maya pottery excavated nearly 100 years ago from Chama, Guatemala. Painted Metaphors: Pottery and Politics of the Ancient Maya, on display now through January 31, 2010, includes about two dozen recently conserved painted vessels and focuses on the ordinary Maya people who lived more than a thousand years ago. 3260 South Street, (215) 898-4000,
  • From September 15 to October 15, visitors to the National Liberty Museum can take a self-guided tour through exhibitions that celebrate Hispanic and Latino heroes and history. Featured heroes on display include Roberto Clemente, Rigoberta Menchu, Cesar Chavez and Sandra Cisneros. 321 Chestnut Street, (215) 925-2800,
  • Hispanic Heritage Month is extended at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where visitors can experience dance, art, and music from Central and South America and Mexico on October 30 and November 1. Those who head to the museum during Friday’s Art After 5 event can get down during the Day of the Dead Dance Party with Brooklyn-based band Cumbiagra, and on Sunday visitors can enjoy musical performances by the Johnny Cruz Latin Jazz Ensemble, a Make-and-Take Workshop and dance lessons for the whole family. 26th Street & the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, (215) 763-8100,

A New Restaurant:

  • September marks the opening of Avenida, the first restaurant by husband-and-wife chef team Edgar and Kim Alvarez. The family-friendly spot will serve up Latin food inspired by chef and owner Edgar’s Guatemalan heritage. With all items priced under $20, diners can feast on quesadillas, tamales, enchiladas, fresh salsas and more. 7402 Germantown Avenue, (267) 385-6857,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Today's plug in moment goes work!

That's right folk sometimes people wonder what I really do at work. Well to put it in the easiest terms...I attempt to "place" positive Philly stories! And just recently I placed a great story in the USA Today. The above picture is a cropped JPEG of the actual story. Philly was named on of the 10 great places for Latino flavor and cool is that.

Enjoy and remember to celebrate you Hispanic Heritage all year long.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...Cancer

So as simple as it sounds, I really really dislike cancer nowadays. Although it has not yet taken away someone close in my life, I still can't help that it surrounds me. First my Tia Fela was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago. Luckily it was in the early stages so she survived. Today my Tia Gloria is fighting breast cancer. The doctors only gave her 2 months but it's been over 1 year! Now a few days ago a fraternity brother found a tumor in his head and the cancer is spreading to his throat; he needs a 7 hour surgery then chemotherapy. Luckily he's a fighter and always has a smile on his face. I'm happy my aunt and him have good friends and family to support him.

Stay positive, stay strong.

8th Loisaida Cortos Latino Film Festival

The festival will take place on Sunday, September 13th at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden on 9th Street and Avenue C in New York. Our outdoor screening of Latino Shorts will be preceded by a Photography Exhibit & Panel “Latinos Creating Avenues to their Success” featuring: Carlos Berrios, Jose Casado, Adrian Martinez, Edwin Pagan, Ricardo Sean Thompson & R.Evolucion Latina.

Doors open at 5PM
Panel starts at 5:30PM
Photography Exhibit
Short Film Screening starts at Dusk around 7:30PM

Bring a blanket, your dog or some good company! For more info visit

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So does Colombia have a chance?

Today Colombia has lost to Uruguay 1 - 3. Well what did you expect? Although Uruguay lost their last game and Colombia won their last game, it seems as though Uruguay was out for fact both of them. According to an article on, "Both sides reduced to ten men in an ill-tempered battle for World Cup qualification."

In order for Colombia to even have a chance to qualify for South Africa 2010, they must beat Chile and Paraguay. Cross your fingers mis Colombianos!

A mi me enseñaron

Do you have a story to tell about how your parents taught you something? Well Cafe Magazine & SouthWest Air want to hear your story. If your story is published between July and December you will win 2 round trip tickets. I'm pretty sure everyone's parents taught their children the same thing, but I guess the difference would be how. Don't do drugs, go to college, love your family...typical Latino parental messages. Whether or not we took their advice is up to us...I know I did.

To submit your story click on Cafe Magazine.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

English, Spanish or Both?

So Being Latino on facebook posed the question: What language is most comfortable for your parent/s to speak? Spanish or English? With me it's Spanish...24/7. There has never been a moment in my life where my parents out of nowhere decided to speak English. To be honest, they really can't. Although they can comprehend simple things, they need someone there to translate.

The funny part is that they've been here since 1980...yep for over 20 years and still haven't even wanted to learn. Why? My brother and me can't ask because that would be disrespectful. Why do you think? It can't be out of convenience because what if we both moved to far away countries. HHHMMMM?

Latino Partnership Leadership Institute

So this Friday my application is due for the 2010 Latino Partnership Leadership Institute. What exactly is this great opportunity you ask? The Latino Partnership Initiative (LPI) is a vehicle that serves our community as a catalyst to unify, build, advocate and implement a comprehensive common agenda. Recognizing our diversity and respecting our culture and spiritual identity, the Latino Partnership Initiative will fortify and voice our social consciousness to move to organized action.

Through the LPI, they developed the leadership institute in order to improve our community. It's designed to help our young leaders develop new skills and maintain organizations that exist today...maybe even start new ones. I wanted to apply two years ago but my schedule conflicted, so now is the perfect time!

And although I hate "tooting my own horn", I was very happy to receive a letter of recommendation from a fellow friend, Latino(a) and mentor. In her letter she writes, "Eric has stayed true to his Latino roots while promoting professional excellence and serving as a role model to younger Latinos looking for their place in the world."

Wish me the best.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Friday, September 4, 2009

That Really Doesn't Grind My Gears...Upcoming Cruise

So my cruise is coming up in less than 30 days. Although the process of purchasing the cruise, flight, excursions, etc is a bit too much, I think it will all be worth it. Best part: All you can eat food!

Read about the Carnival Destiny here.

Dining - La Lupe

So what do you do on your day off? Why not try a new restaurant! For lunch a friend and me decided to check out La Lupe in South Philadelphia. One would think, "South Philly, it's only Italians right?" Nope there is a large Mexican population which means lots of Mexican food.

The menu is reasonably priced as well; anything from $2.50 to $13. I had the La Lupe sandwich and I expected something small, sure enough some huge sandwich came out. I had to save some for dinner. If you're hungry and in the area, skip the cheesesteaks and head on over to taste authentic Mexican food.

1201 S 9th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147-5005
(215) 551-9920

Thursday, September 3, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...Cold Sores

I really really hate it when I get cold sores. First off, it's not cute; no one likes looking at a person with a cold soar. Secondly, it's annoying feeling the bump on your lip. Third...people assume TOO much. No matter what vitamins I take or chap stick I use, they always get to me...especially during weather change.

And after reading the definition of a cold soar, thanks to WebMD, I realized my dad is the culprit. He was the one that passed that gene on to me *shakes fist*.

A Step Show Like No Other

Please give it up to the producers of this show because the advertising has been amazing. The Sprite Step Off tournament is divided into four rounds: Qualifying, Regional Semi-Final, Regional Final, and National Final. Through each of these rounds(30 events in over 20 cities), teams from all across the country will compete for a share of $1.5 million prize pool.

And with all this fun comes what Greeks are known for (best) service. All competing teams will donate over 1 million hours of community service over the course of the competition. No matter what org, what colors or motto, Greeks from across the nation continue to be leaders in their community; that's what is important. The stepping and strolling is an expression of our bond and unity.

The first event will be held in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, September 12. There's still time to register your team so act fast! To see the schedule and register visit

Check out their 2 min video's amazing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Salsa Night in NoLibs

Every time I head to work I see this club, Fuzion Grill & Social Club. I've never been nor have I heard anything about it so I don't really know what to expect. I didn't really have an interest in going too until I got an invite to a Latin night on Thursday, September 17th.

Although I don't know what to expect, someone posted this comment: yea, they need help @ fuzion every time I've gone it was now they trynna reach out to the latino crowd jus to make the place sad...lmao.

Music by Dj Jose Rodriguez spinning Salsa and Latin Rythms. Unlike most lounges, there's a $5 entry fee but drinks specials all night; $5 Mojitos, $5 Margaritas and $3 Coronas.

Tell Us Your Story

A lot of our parents or maybe even grandparents immigrated from other countries. They all have their own unique story of struggle and success. Well now is your chance to tell that story. The Latino Broadcasting Company is launching a new project called the Immigrant Archive Project. This is an initiative to document the experiences and thoughts of Latino immigrants of all socio-economic backgrounds.

Although my parents may not be the most successful, I am fortunate enough to be their successful son. Was it their intention to not be the BEST in what they do but to have their sons do it? I'm not really sure. All I know is that I appreciate everything they have done for my brother and me.

If you want to submit your story or someone else's, hurry! They'll be in Washington DC from Tuesday, September 1st (yesterday)to Friday, September 4th to record the interviews. All interviews will be done at the Grand Hyatt (1000 H Street NW, Washington, D.C.).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feria del Barrio Kick Off Party

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month early at Isla Verde on Thursday, September 10th, 2009. My good friends at WWSI Telemundo and Taller PR are hosting the Feria del Barrio Kick Off Party. Once a month Latino leaders gather at Isla Verde for a good cause...keeping Taller alive!

So come learn about why la Feria del Barrio is one of Philly's biggest and greatest celebrations of Latino arts & culture. Did I mention these guys are going to be there?

Your Hard Work Pays Off

Back in May the Mural Arts Project started the THIS WE BELIEVE project. Well on Friday, September 25th at 3:30 p.m. there will be a mural dedication for the above mural. The mural was created by artists Eric Okdeh, Michelle Ortiz and Kien Nguyen through eight months of community forums and public paint days.

These murals are so important to our community. If you believe in art and change in the community, visit and maybe one day we'll see your creation up in this city.