Wednesday, April 29, 2009

North Bowl

Photo by G. Widman for GPTMC

Today I joined some work folk and NABJ members for some fun filled bowling at North Bowl. I must say I really have to practice some more because in two games I didn't score above a 100! Isn't that just sad?

Anyways, the event was great. We were in the upstairs area (I'm assuming it's for private events). The food was delicious and so were the drinks. Although there was an open buffet, I'm sure it's reasonably priced. I really wanted to try the tatter tots. However I must say the venue overall is beautiful. It looks small from the outside but inside there's a separate bar on the left, a good number of lanes up front and (as stated above) a 4-lane area upstairs with separate bar. The arcard and billiards tables are also upstairs.

The event was held to support NABJ's 'On the Move' Campaign, a fundraising drive to support NABJ's new headquarters scheduled to open late this year. It was also a kick-off event for NABJ's August 2011 Convention to be held here in Philadelphia.
Testing out the mobile blogger posts. This way I can report live when I'm away from a computer! Hopefully I can send photos too.

When animals attack

Yes the animals do bite...but hey it's not their fault. While in Boston I went to the Franklin Park Zoo and I wasn't that impressed. Maybe it's because I was wandering by myself but in the end, I wasn't impressed. In fact almost every visitor was in a big group of kids.

The most interesting part of the zoo was the Tropical Forest. There were a lot of interesting facts about the rain forest and how it really is disappearing. Did you know about every hour a part of the rain forest the size of Boston disappears? Yep, and at this rate who knows where we are heading. *sigh*

I was also a little concerned at all the kids running around. I wouldn't have gotten mad if some animal came out of it's enclosure and attacked the child. In fact, I would've attempted to catch it on film. Then again that would not have been a good look because how would that look? There was a note in the gorilla exhibit which stated, "Gorilla's pound on the glass to show their strength." may just be me but I know a gorilla can probably kill a person.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dia de las madres

So Mother's Day is coming up...what are you getting your madre? Whatever it is, be sure it comes straight from the corazon, even if it's just a card or maybe even a car lol.

So who thought of this crazy idea to honor our mothers? It should be everyday right? Anyways, it was a woman by the name of Ann Jarvis. According to the history books (or Wikipedia):
Two years after her mother's death (MAY 1907), she held a memorial to her mother and thereafter embarked upon a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a recognized holiday. She succeeded in making this nationally recognized in 1914. The International Mother's Day Shrine was established in Grafton to commemorate her accomplishment.
The most interesting part? She died in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and is buried in West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. That's right around the corner from where I live! Not really, but you get the point.

So be sure to call you mother May 10, 2009 or pay her a visit. She's probably the single most important person in your life.

Marvel Vs. back!

Hey I wish it was a part 3 but for right now it's just a re-release. It's been over 9 years since it first came out and I still love this game...I mean who wouldn't! You got over 50 Marvel and Capcom characters to choose from so the options are endless!

According to
Slated to hit Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade and PS3's PSN, expect the same fast, furious and fantastic gameplay you loved with even more awesome online head-to-head action!
I remember as a kid going to the arcade in Dunellen, NJ and whipping some major butt! However, I must say I did lose as well haha. And out of all my friends I remember distinctly being one of the best...who were the only 2 to beat me? My brother Adrian and my frat brother Sergio.

See you SU 09 MVSCAP!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend in Photos - Gamma Weekend

Who wants some cake!


SP 04 - Alpha Chapter Lambda Line

Bro's at the frat house

Sunday Hermano BBQ

Boston - The Holocaust Memorial

Truly one of the most inspiring memorials I have ever seen, this is def a must do during anyone's trip. Why? Because when walking through the memorial, you feel the sadness and oppression of when it happened. You read the quotes and it moves you.

What makes this memorial so special? The steam coming from vents below...that is what makes you stop and just think about what happened when approximately 6 million Jews were exterminated. And for what? All because one man believed his race was better than the rest.

So how does this relate to me as a Latino? Easy...oppression. There are people still out there who "dislike" the idea of someone being different and even coming to this country and supposedly "taking their job".

For more info on the memorial: NEHM

Friday, April 24, 2009

Riding Amtrak

Ah yes good ol' Amtrak. Overall I have to say I had a pleasant experience. Last week I took a vacation and decided to take the train as appose to an expensive flight. My ride cost a whopping $195.00 which is actually pretty good ($115 Acela to Boston and $80 coach to Philly).

Although the Acela was much faster (1 hour less) there wasn't really that much of a difference. The seats looked different but overall it was the same. I just wish the food wasn't so damn expensive. A bag of chips and a can soda costs $3.50....crazy I know.

Although the ride was long, I'm glad I got rest on the ride as appose to having turbulence on an airplane. However, on the way back to Philadelphia there was some older woman behind me on the phone for hours talking about how much her life sucks. Luckily the people she was talking to kept her head up.

P.S. Boston is NOTHING compared to Philadelphia.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...the weather today

Honestly, what is up with the weather these days?! I have to say we do say the same thing every year..."I can't wait until it gets warm." But we can only hold on for so long. Two days ago it was nearly 30 degrees and it's now around 60.

And I literally just checked the weather for the next few days (in Philadelphia) and it's going to be raining again at 50 degrees. You have to remember that we did not have a bad winter. I distinctly remember 60 degree weather in November/December.

Are we killing our planet? Is pollution and everything we throw up in the air finally coming back to us. And who remembers the 10,200-foot Redoubt Volcano which erupted in's a sign! I just hope we (Philly) don't get weather like this...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

smh @ Burger King

First off let me tell you that I really prefer Burger King over a lot of other fast food restaurants. However, how did the ad above get passed everyone in the company? Honestly, did they creative team or these execs not think about how Mexico would react. Every country has strict limitations on how their flag is displayed...yes that includes Mexico.
"This advertisement denigrates the image of our country and uses improperly Mexico's national flag," Jorge Zermeno wrote in a letter to Burger King in Spain, the Reforma newspaper reported. Mexico has strict laws prohibiting the defamation of the flag, Zermeno said.
The crazy part was the location of the advertisements. The ad was an advertisement for a new Tex-Mex style hamburger hangs in central Madrid April 14, 2009. Luckily, Mexico's ambassador to Spain made a "complaint" and sure enough the ads all came down. Kudos to you Mexico.

Read the full story here.

Para la gente that likes to take photos

Sorry Phillies fans, I just put this pic up because I thought it was cool.

Growing up both mom and dad would take pictures of EVERYTHING! And when I say everything, I mean it haha. Even today, they expect me to bring home hundreds of pictures; unfortunately I can't because I have a digital camera and all my photos go on Facebook. Although for Mom's Day I plan on making my mom a cool photo sheet with "never-before-seen" pics...well pics she's never seen before.

Anyways, National Geographic always has stunning stunning I just want to escape reality and just relax. Nat Geo's blog "Intelligent Traveler" has put on a Great Outdoors Photo Contest. So if you like taking pictures then this one's for you! They want pic's that "capture landscapes, vistas and the great beyond". Both amateur and professional photographers are able to enter.

Watch the cool video below:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost in space...or Galileo

I'm pretty sure my dad would appreciate this once in a lifetime opportunity...Galileo in Philadelphia! The Franklin, one of the world's premier science museums, is the only international stop for Galileo, The Medici and The Age of Astronomy. Soak in the Galileo experience, then spend the day exploring the Giant Heart, watching an IMAX movie and training your eyes on the stars at the Space Command and Fels Planetarium.

I actually just finished previewing the exhibit and it was pretty interesting. You obviously have to know the history and be interested in astronomy...or the various subjects Galileo features. There are a few interactive pieces but the best part is looking at one of the first telescope's ever! Remember, this is the only international hurry :).

And if you want to see the funny side of things, check out Derrick Pitts, the Chief Astronomer at The Franklin, talking about Galileo, the Medici and the Age of Astronomy, on The Colbert Report.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Derrick Pitts
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorNASA Name Contest

This week's plug in goes to...Gamma Week

Ahhh yes Gamma Week '09. I remember spearheading the many event's that made Gamma Week. I'm glad the undergraduates stay true to their roots and continue the founders' legacy. As much as I would love to participate in the events, I can't; I'll be on vacation. All the events are at Temple University.

Here's a breakdown of this year's Gamma Week:

  • Monday, April 20th-- YOU DON’T KNOW ME…UNTIL YOU KNOW ME.
    Collaboration with AdEL, Esencia Latina, Temple’s Spanish Club & Delta Chi Psi Fraternity, Inc.

    A one-person show that deals with the issues of race, discrimination, violence prevention, personal identity, suicide, gender equity, homophobia, and the emotional pain felt by special education children. In a gripping, fast paced, 75-minute performance, Michael Fowlin slips in and out of nine characters, both male and female, who "share their stories." The characters share their stories in an often humorous, but at times, heartbreaking manner.

    Location: SC 217 B&C @ 7pm

  • Tuesday, April 21st-- ART EXPO

    A program filled with culture. Art from all the different cultures in Latin America will be on display, ranging from a variety of different genres including paintings, poetry/spoken word, and photography.

    Location: SC Atrium @ 7pm

  • Wednesday, April 22nd—WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONARIO?

    An interactive night full of fun and excitement where contestants play “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” with a Latino twist. Contestants must sign up prior to the event in order to participate in what we know will be a competitive night. PRIZES will be given to the winning team!!

    Location: Tuttleman 400AB @ 7pm

  • Thursday, April 23rd-- CITY A BLAZE: The story about Camden 28

    The Camden 28 was a group of "the Catholic left" anti-Vietnam War activists who in 1971 planned and executed a raid on a Camden, New Jersey draft board. The raid resulted in a high-profile trial against the activists that was seen by many as a referendum on the Vietnam War. Joan Riley, a member of the Camden 28, shares with us in an open forum the battles she faced during this time of war. This discussion is also about activism today and how YOUR voice is important.

    Location: SC 217B @ 7pm

  • Friday, April 24th-- GAMMA POOL NIGHT

    Come out and enjoy a riveting night full of billiards, fun, and shenanigans with the Gammas.

    Location: SC Game Room @ 7pm
And it all ends on Saturday, April 25th at our 17th Annual Founder's Banquet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dia de los Niños

So who would've thought there was such thing as El día de los niños/El día de los libros. I didn't know about this when I was a kid *shakes fist*. Nonetheless, Philadelphia is celebrating el día de los niños at the Please Touch Museum. Celebrate the whole weekend Saturday, April 25 - Sunday, April 26th.

Telemundo Philadelphia and the Please Touch Museum are celebrating this nationwide Latino holiday honoring the joys of childhood and the children in our lives. Special activities and musical performances all weekend long.

And if you're a big kid like me you should enjoy it. So bring the family or adopt a kid and pretend it's yours...j/k :).

Los Tres Stooges

I distinctly remember watching the Three Stooges as a child with my brother and father. We would actually spend weekend afternoons just laughing our lives away. And now they are coming back.

According to Variety, our new three stooges are now set! And your winners are:
  1. Sean Penn, Larry
  2. Jim Carrey, Curly
  3. Benicio del Toro, Moe
Can you imagine these three actors in this type of film!? I could only imagine. According to the article, the comedy will be built around the antics of the three characters that Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Howard played in the Columbia Pictures shorts. So how will these actors play out? I'm pretty sure they'll be fine...especially because our Latino friend Benicio will be playing Moe, the mean one.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Status of Hispanics in America

So what is the status of Hispanic in America? Are we the majority, are we a we segregate the ones born in the U.S.A. and the people who immigrated here? How can we possibly keep track of each other when sometimes we hate on each other? Anyways, I haven't gotten a chance to watch this video but I suggest everyone watch it.

"The Status of Hispanics in America: Challenges and Opportunities" was a plenary session of the fourth annual national conference of the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, which was held at the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.

When you click on the link and get the next screen, click on the RED dot on the upper-right hand corner of the screen with the white "F" (for Flash) on it. This will open the two-hour long replay of the panel discussion that took place originally in San Antonio, Texas (per details below) on March 7, 2009.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Try taking a lap in this pool

Paradise you say...well it's not exactly your typical ocean. Pictured above (and below) is the world's largest pool. Measuring a whopping 1,000 yards, the pool attracts huge crowds to the San Alfonso del Mar resort at Algarrobo, on Chile's southern coast; it opened January 2008.

The pool also covers 20 acres, had a 115ft deep end and holds 66 million gallons of water. I find this fascinating and weird at the same time. Why build this large pool if you have a beach right there? Need another accolade? Well this pool is also part of the world's 15 largest objects.

So who's down to take a trip to Chile?!?!?!

That Really Grinds My Gears...Facebook Friend Photo

I was just about to post a non-grinds my gears post when out of no where I turned to Facebook and BOOM there it was. The dreaded "tag your friends" photo which lists about 25 characters and the person has to tag appropriately (i.e. The Drunk, The Sleepy Head, etc). I think I've seen about 50 different forms of this photo too. Although it was okay at first, it just kept getting worse and worse. I've seen super heroes, muppets, penguins and so many more annoying tagged photos.

This was almost as bad as the "25 Things About Me" note. Don't we have something better to do than to tag friends and explain to them why you think they are the geek? The worst part, I don't think your employer would like to know you've been voted "THE DRUNK" on someone's photo.

*Shakes fist*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quieres Bachatiar?!

The "bachata song stuck in my head" of the week...

Also, I just realized that a lot of music artists have Myspace Kiko Rodriguez. I can't say anything, because that's like saying a lot of celebrities have Twitter accounts.

NASA en español

One would think organizations have already integrated some sort of marketing towards Hispanics, but I think NASA finally stepped up. According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, NASA has is launching a 4-year-old effort to reach out to Hispanics, in America and abroad. It was only a few weeks ago when Space Shuttle Discovery launched with the first Puerto Rican in space.

"We have seen an increase in interest from Spanish-language media in the past few years," said Katherine Trinidad, a NASA spokeswoman in Washington. "Understandably, the interest increases when there is a Latino astronaut aboard the international space station, as when Michael Lopez-Alegria [from Spain] was commander of the station, or when there is a Latino astronaut aboard the shuttle."

NASA's translator is actually a NASA Faculty Fellow, Jose Granda. He says he translates the reports so a sixth- or seventh-grade student would be able to understand. Imagine that gig though and the pressure...actually it wouldn't be that hard.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sorry for the hype Twitter post but...

Alert Alert...Colombia is Twittering! HAHA - Although this is of no big surprise, there are numerous countries sending out random Tweets, I just thought this was cool because my origins are from Colombia.

Now that my excitement has gone down, I just noticed they haven't updated since January *tear*. So mis Colombianos, if you're out there and want to be part of the conversation, por favor start Tweeting. Although my good @TwittCo friend may not be Tweeting, at least I have my frat brother @rdariobermejo.

Afro-Latin Art in Philadelphia

In case you missed 6ABC's segment on the Latin Art Gallery...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taller PR's Membership Reception

Every year, Taller PR thanks their members in a special way. For the past few years, Taller has held a membership reception which thanks all their friends, supporters, members and community leaders. This year's theme entitled "Together Growing Taller" will be no different.

The reception is free for all members and for friends and prospective members, the suggested donation is $20. However, guests can take advantage of the $50 donation special which includes membership, benefits, admission to reception, 2 raffle tickets and a whole lot more. Prizes include original artwork by Taller's Youth Artist Program and 2 Southwest Airline tickets!

The reception will be held at ISLA VERDE RESTAURANT, 2725 N American St, Philadelphia, PA.

For more information or to RSVP click here.

Global the date

Philadelphia has done it again. Yep another great, multicultural event is happening in the City of Brother Love. Although information is to be determined, the Facebook page actually has more info.
The Global Fusion Festival Weekend is Philadelphia’s only true MULTICULTURAL festival, representing many diverse cultures.

Come out and feel the vibe with non-stop performers representing many of Philadelphia’s cultures through a variety of authentic music, ethnic dance performances, and comedy. Our headliners represent the who’s-who in entertainment. From international Reggaeton performers and hands-clapping gospel artists, to award-winning R&B soloists, our line-up will excite the rhythms within your soul.
I don't remember if I went this year, but if the flier lives up to it's attitude I am definitely there July 17th - 18th at Penn's Landing. Representing almost every single kind of culture, this event is going to be one for everyone: Chinese, Latino, African-American, Indian, etc. To view past year's Global Fusion, check out the flickr page.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cuba Libre...atlantic city

Ahhh yes, Cuba not Gloria Estefan's song lol, the restaurant/club Cuba Libre. I've actually been to the one in Atlantic City a few times...more than the one in Philadelphia. To be honest there's a big difference too. Everything from the space to even the crowd.

I went to the AC location for my birthday and it was a lot of fun. Two floors, performances, great drinks and just having a good time with friends. The location is great too. The outside is actually an "inside" but the ceiling looks like the day/night sky; depending on what time it is. They even have this great "old school" car right outside the building painted with the Cuban flag. Don't think you're going to get in it or even kneel on it because security will stop you so fast.

The only bad thing about the AC location; they charge guys $15 as appose to the $0 in Philadelphia. Eggghh, I guess it's worth the trip though.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...Latino stereotypes

You can't help but wonder why people still "stereotype" a group of people. Is it just America, or is it all around the world; it probably is all over the world. One would think that with an African-American president people would be a little more lenient. So what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Latino? Probably something sexual right? To be honest, I think of the food.

There was a recent story in the Phila. Daily News entitled 'Sexual' allegations against Latino leader. Granted this doesn't help us as people but please have some respect...the comments below the story were outrageous. I hope you all realize that in 2042, "whites" will turn into a minority. Now I'm not saying you guys will be oppressed, I'm just saying that you have to realize Latinos are a growing population and you have to respect what we do.

If you want to be informed how we as a people work and some trends, check out Hispanic Trending; a very informative blog.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Philly Spring Clean Up

Just in case you forgot, this Saturday is the 2nd annual Philly Spring Clean Up. on Saturday, April 4th Mayor Nutter and the City of Philadelphia will sponsor the 2nd Annual Philly Spring Cleanup. Last year’s event was a huge success. In fact, Keep America Beautiful confirmed the 2008 Philly Spring Cleanup as the largest single-day, citywide clean-up on record in the United States. Together, we removed over 2.5 million pounds of trash and 48,000 pounds of recyclable materials; we cleaned an estimated 71 commercial corridors and 3,500 blocks; and we came together as a city in the process.

Last year was actually a good time; it wasn't just clean and leave. I actually did a mini-interview for Univision but they probably didn't use it haha. We were glad to help out the community especially because councilwoman Quinoñes was there; this year is no different.

In the Latino community?? Then go to the site below:

North Philadelphia Weed and Seed Project
100 E. Lehigh Avenue

Bill Summers

Project Description:
Clean at 601 E. Indiana Avenue

Elvis Crespo Update

Remember my post about Elvis Crespo's response video?! Well I'm looking at my blog when out of no where I notice the video is marked "PRIVATE". The nerve.

You know what...that really grinds my gears.

This just in...Al Dia Tweets

As much as I hate reading all those Twitter/Facebook/Social media trend stories on the NY Times, I'm glad Latinos are finally "getting" it in Philadelphia. I don't really know too many other than people I indirectly work with. However, a lot of my friends and few frat brothers are getting used to it. So what will Al Dia tweet!? Only time can tell. They are doing a good job with Facebook so I'm sure Twitter will be easy for them.

And in a the world of "cuteness" I do like how they advertise their Facebook and Twitter page haha. I swear, saying something en español sounds so much cooler than in English...think about it: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER (Stalker) , SIGUENOS EN TWITTER(Cool).