Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puerto Ricans on a Quarter?

Yesterday, the Puerto Rico Quarter was released. This marked the second release of the 2009 DC & US Territories Quarter Program. This program is a follow up to the popular 50 State Quarters Program.

To be honest, I think this is the first time a piece of currency is dedicated towards the Latino culture. Am I right or wrong? Anyways, this is very exciting...hopefully my mom gets this coin because she started has the entire set.

Random coin specifications:
  • Mintage:53,000,000 Philadelphia, 86,000,000 Denver
  • Designers: William Cousins after John Flanagan (obverse), Joseph Menna (reverse)
  • Composition: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel (clad), 90% silver, 10% copper (silver proof)
  • Diameter: 24.26 mm
  • Weight: 5.67 grams
  • Thickness: 1.75 mm
  • Edge: Reeded

Stunning Photography

Like photography? I know I do. One of my frat's Founding Fathers Tony Rocco is a great Philadelphia photographer. Latino photographer best known for his compelling portraits of people from his mother’s native Colombia. He has exhibited extensively throughout the United States as well as in Colombia. His awards include First Place in Colombia’s Feria Nacional de Fotografía, as well as fellowships from the Puffin Foundation, the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture, and the Independence Foundation of Philadelphia. Rocco has also dedicated much of his life to teaching and empowering youth and has developed outreach programs to children in North Philadelphia (Exposure) and Colombia (Cameras for Colombia).

Today he actually has an event at the University of Pennsylvania along with the Goodlands Project. The event includes emerging artists from the Goodlands with award winning photographer Tony Rocco in a stunning exhibit celebrating Latino communities from Philadelphia to Colombia.

The event is at UPENN's Claudia Cohen Hall (Fox Art Gallery/ Terrace Room) and begins at 4:30 p.m.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Elvis Crespo: Guilty or Innocent

As much as I didn't want to touch this subject, this video made me just rethink the issue. We all know what he did that faithful day so I won't go into it.

I did always like his music (even though some of it sounded repetitive). However, I am glad he took it upon himself to release a statement. Whatever happens, I just hope everything turns out good; this wouldn't be good for him or even the Latino community.

Declaraciones de Elvis Crespo

Weekend en Photos

Bon Voyage Sergio

me, Dashia and Melinda @ Mint

Amy, Ariel, Johnny and Greg

good people, good times

Hats and Foam fingers courtesy Captain Morgan LOL

Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama speaks to us

Hey, at least he tries...unlike some other people.

During his campaign...

After his campaign, on Univision's Premios Lo Nuestro...

That Really Grinds My Gears...power hungry people

You know who I'm talking about...the type of people that always say, "I know a guy." You know a guy huh? Well can't anyone "know a guy?" It's unfortunate we live in a world where you have to know someone in order to move on in your career but come on!

I've met a lot of people in my 5+ years in Philadelphia and they are all great. Then there's those power hungry Latinos that are just in it for business/money. I attempt to stay away from them but every now and then they pop up.

People should just live their life and enjoy it. My last few updates on Facebook have gotten good reactions and I thank you all for the support. So...how do you define success?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Attention journalists and/or journalism students!

Out of a job? Need professional development? Want to network? Well the National Association of Hispanic Journalists is hosting their annual convention...en San Juan, Puerto Rico! I know it seems almost dreamy just thinking about it. Although I have never attended NAHJ's convention, last year I attended Unity: Journalists of Color. It was amazing, over 6000 journalists attended. Although it is "a little" pricey, there are scholarships, awards, etc. out there for students and people under economic hardships; just do your research!.

Some of the workshops and sessions this year include:
  • Still Photo Basics for Non-Photographers
  • Literatura de la Realidad (Narrative Storytelling in Spanish)
  • Social Networking for Journalists (English and Spanish)
  • Intro to Multimedia Storytelling/Multimedia Bootcamp
  • Video Periodismo de la A a la Z
  • Live Shots in the Best and Worst Times
  • Beyond Newspaper Photography: Alternative Options for the Working Photographer
  • Writing Fast, Write on Time (For broadcast)
  • Skills Training Sessions on Audio Slideshows 101, Twitter 101, Blogging 101, Audio Editing and Podcasting, Streaming Live Video 101, Doing a Live Shot Through the Internet; Skype/VOIP, Get on the Map with Mashups
  • El uso del español en los medios de comunicación
For more info or to register go to NAHJ's convention web-site.

And if you plan on staying a few extra days, Impact Latin Newspaper suggests heading west to get the good beaches.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hispanic Magazines go bye-bye

Oh yes, I'll always remember this one quote:
“The paradox of all these announcements is that newspapers and magazines do not have an audience problem — newspaper Web sites are a vital source of news, and growing — but they do have a consumer problem.” – David Carr, NY Times, Mourning Old Media’s Decline, October 29th, 2008
And it's the truth! Yes there are a lot of media layoffs but hey we still need to hear those stories. According to a newsletter I got yesterday, at least 23, 394 jobs have been lost in the journalism industry since September 15, 2008. Crazy right?

Well this includes Hispanic media. Today, Hispanic magazine ad pages are down 17%. Magazines like Sports Illustrated Latino and Tu Cuidad Los Angeles have folded *tear*. And remember, it's usually the "older" Latinos who read the print copies. A lot of younger folk are reading everything online! They can't stay away from the new "tube" lol.

To be honest, I really hope everything doesn't end up online. Don't get me wrong, I love reading stuff on the internet but to live in a world where you can't hold a piece of paper is scary.

25th BDay en fotos

The BDay bash began at Mint...as usual.

Friday night bar hopping. This stop: Vango!

Enjoying Atlantic City.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Fling in "El Barrio"

This is the 2nd fundraiser hosted by Rafaela Colon and Friends of Taller. I heard the last fundraiser was a success so this one should be even better. The event will be held at Isla Verde which has excellent food & drinks :).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boston in April

So I finally bought my Amtrak ticket to Boston in April. Luckily I know a few people in the area including mi prima but obviously I have to look for things to do. My cousin gave me a lot of options but of course I had to do my own research.

I looked up a lot of things on Boston's tourism web-site but wasn't really impressed. I did like how they break down things to do in season but when I searched multicultural there wasn't much to choose from.

And what was weird was the Don Quijote Tours web ad on the right? It took me to another web-site and that was just a waste. So if you've been to Boston or recommend anything please let me know! I'm going 4/17 - 4/23.

Philadelphia Film Festival & CineFest 09

First off, whenever I pronounce CineFest I sound so "Latino" lol. I need to hear someone pronounce the name of the festival just to compare. Anyways, so my frat brother who's working with the festival got me tickets to several different events *score*. However, I'm having trouble picking which movie to watch!

I've narrowed my selection to the Latino films but they all seem equally exciting. Help me out, the movies are:

  1. All Inclusive A family undergoes a seismic change in their relations when they travel to a Mexican seaside resort and the area’s various temptations affect them all.

  2. Before the Fall A meteor is approaching the earth in three days and all life will be extinguished, but one family has a more pressing fear -– a deranged and vengeful killer just released from prison is headed their way in this original apocalyptic thriller.

  3. Cowards Themes of security and fear underscore this tale of a young boy, mercilessly bullied on the schoolyard and ignored by adults who are lost in their web of cell phones and closed-circuit cameras.

  4. The Desert Within In this intense, devastating drama about religious fanaticism and parental devotion, a father places his family in jeopardy following the 1928 Mexican Revolution.

  5. Dioses Portraying a seemingly idyllic life that is actually soulless and cruel, Gods condemns the class disparity that exists in many Latin American countries.

  6. Don't Look Down A young man is introduced to the almost hallucinatory joys of sex after he meets a gorgeous older woman in this explicit but innocent coming-of-age romp from Argentina.|

  7. God's Forgotten Town When a film crew begins to unlock the dark secrets of an abandoned town, the battle between good and evil begins in this Spanish mystery thriller.

  8. I'm Going to Explode Shimmering with style and a pulsating electronica soundtrack (Interpol, Bright Eyes), this Mexican import is genuinely tender and sweepingly romantic.

  9. Lake Tahoe Three teenagers in a small Mexican town have differing distractions from their troubles at home in this alternately comedic and heartbreaking film.

  10. Rudo y Cursi Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, the adorable teens from 2001’s Y Tu Mamá También are together again as brothers in Rudo Y Cursi, a raunchy comedy about the pitfalls of fame.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

That really grinds my gears...Flakers

So what really grinds my gears?? Flakers. What's a flaker you ask...
  1. A flaker is someone who says they'll be somewhere then don't show up
  2. A flaker has excuses for days
  3. A flaker comes to an even then leaves.
  4. A flaker thinks "dance-a-thon/relay/whatever" is more important than seeing someone for the last time.
  5. A flaker gets "cut off"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

They are still out there...

So last night on the National Geographic Channel a certain show sort of got to me...American Skinheads. It was actually pretty interesting; I learned (and it confirmed) a good number of things.

But yes apparently they still do exist and the number one state where they reside in is Pennsylvania...go figure right? One quote I won't forget and I wonder why he even said it was, "We have to kill them all." He said it referring to Mexican immigrants. Shouldn't this be a signal to the police or F.B.I. to say, "ummm maybe we should arrest him"? The show continues to talk about the growing number of skinheads, especially over the internet. What also caught me by surprise was the "non-racist" skinhead...confused right? Yes apparently there are a good number of skinheads who do not believe in racial segregation however are still skinheads. Please don't ask what that means because I'm confused as well.

Thanks for the good programming Nat Geo, keep it up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What do you mean Twitter is cool now?

So today I read about four social media articles (3 Twitter, 1 Facebook)...a record?
  1. Thanks to politics, Angel Cordero is no longer on Facebook...
  2. Milwaukee Bucks tell Charlie Villanueva not to Twitter during games...
  3. Tweet! Stop typing, start thinking...
  4. Government Watchdogs.com...
So out of nowhere everyone has taken on the Twitter craze? Please, it's going to be one year since I've been on it. I'm glad a lot of my "real" friends have decided to join though. It's funny because they join then ask, "What is this?" Get a clue right lol.

Mi Tierra...Colombia

Um first you can ignore the other tabs open on the screenshot above but check out Colombia's new tourism web-site! The best part...their approach to bring tourism.

"Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay." An obvious slogan geared towards the threat of getting kidnapped or getting involved with the FARC. The web-site includes great panoramic photos, videos, lists of Inns and even a CHAT live option.

And what is Colombia's climate you ask? "Thanks to its location, practically on the equatorial line, Colombia’s tropical climate is equally pleasant the year round. Temperature changes are determined by altitude above sea level – the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature."

Nat Geo's blog Intelligent Traveler even took notice of Colombia's beauty.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And the winner is...

Not sure how they came up with the categories/winners but SiTV has announced the...

Best/Worst Latino Reality Stars Ever.

(Remember to say it in one of those dramatic, long tones haha)

Anyways, I sort of agreed on almost all of their choices. On a almost unrelated note, anyone find it weird that the Puerto Rican contestants on both ANTM and American Idol were eliminated the same day?? Just thought that was weird.

Umm also, do you remember VH1's Viva Hollywood? Can you say crap!?

And the winners are...

  • Most Inspiring: Pedro Zamora- The O.G. of Latino reality stars, Pedro appeared on the Real World’s first season, and became an overnight star not only for coming out as gay, but revealing that he had AIDS. His courage and fight as an HIV educator caused drama in the house and controversy nationwide, but it helped humanize HIV victims. He died a day after the last episode aired. Here he is, getting "married" to his partner, on the show.
  • Hottest Mess: Daisy de la Hoya - A compulsive liar (we still don’t know if she’s really Oscar de la Hoya’s niece) down to her huge fake boobs, rock groupie Daisy, who cursed and traded punches like a champ, on the show, is getting her own Rock of Love-style VH1 reality show in Spring 2009, called Daisy of Love. Bring it on!
  • Biggest, Creepiest Loser: Mario Vazquez
    Mario thought he was such hot singing shizz that he dropped out of American Idol (a first on the show) so he could get a recording contract. He got one, with Arista Records, but then was dropped—bet that lawsuit by an American Idol employee, who claimed that Mario followed him into a bathroom, offered sex and then started working the Manuela in front of him, didn’t exactly help his career.
  • Most Latinaest Ever: Jaslene Gonzalez
    This girl may not have had J. Lo’s curves or spoke much Spanish, but she repped her Latina-ness from minute one, making it clear that she loved her culture. Some people thought that with her hoop earrings, sassy attitude and accent, she was just reinforcing the stereotype, but you’d have to be seriously cynical to hate how sincere she was about it all.
  • Lifetime Dubious Achievement Award: Cris Abrego - Wanna know who is responsible for coming up with Rock of Love, Daisy of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, I Love Money, My Fair Brady, The Surreal Life, and From G's to Gents? None other than this Latino, who I'm sure is burying his shame in a pool made entirely of hunnadollabills.

A blast from the past

I came across a LA Times article about thoughts on immigration and became nostalgic. The line that captured me the most was:
It's unfair, of course, to judge an entire people by the behavior of a few knuckleheads. Some would call it racist. I'm hopeful that only a small minority of Southern Californians think that way.
I can't agree anymore. Unfortunately people always judge an entire group solely on a few people and especially when something "negative" occurs. Do you think people judge an entire group of people when something "positive" happens? Nope. That's the way life works, we just have to move on and get over it.

Anyways, I even e-mailed the writer and I wanted to share it with you guys:

Saludos Hector,

I came across your article (Readers share thoughts on immigration) and it reminded me of a lot of things. I write to you as the Colombian son of 2 U.S. legal residents. My mother has yet to succeed in becoming a U.S. citizen. This was a long time ago where my mother applied, had her finger prints taken and she even took the citizenship test & passed; after that, nothing happened.

I thank god my parents came to this country 25+ years ago to come looking for a better life, however, what it did was give my brother and me a better life. Right after high school, we went to college, graduated, and found great jobs. I look back now (I turn 25 on Friday) and thank my parents for everything they have done. I now live in Philadelphia and enjoy what I do. Although we can always do better, I take life as it is and enjoy every moment of it.

People blame immigration for a lot of things and after reading Geraldo Rivera’s book, I realized how closed-minded people really are. Thank you for the article.


Monday, March 16, 2009

6-6-09...it has begun

So you all thought it wasn't happening, well at least the beach weekend part. But SMOOTH is the new SILK! Yes the infamous stroll competition is back and it's back in New York City. So who will take part of this stroll competition? Only time will tell. But be sure that the SILK 7 stroll champs will be in the building.

Why is it called Smooth? Well back in the day (1999), LatinosStep created the first all-inclusive Latino and Multicultural Greek Summer Step & Stroll Show at Roberto Clemente State Park, Bronx, NY. The shows were named Silk & Smooth but they soon cut off Smooth. Throughout the years SILK was a success, but unfortunately Batanga could no longer keep the show. And now, Greekster.tv has officially taken over, renaming the show SMOOTH.

Tickets are now available for a reasonable $15. For more information go to Greekster.tv.

A taste of what's to come...

That Really Grinds My Gears...Monday Edition!

So I forgot to post my Thursday "Grind my Gears" last week. Luckily, this past weekend really gave me something to "complain" about. This is kind of a good and bad "grind my gear" but oh well.

The dreaded designated driver is obviously something important but when you see everyone "under the influence" and you're so sober you notice all the little things people do, it's hard not to feel irritated. Even know you're ensuring the safety of your friends, people acting a fool is not cool. There's also the, "No I'm okay to drive" quote you'll be getting every now and then. Now you have to find a way to tell them, "I'm sober, you're not, give me the keys" in a nice and clear way.

Although I believe having a designated driver is key to any drunk outing, be ready to get irritated and see how stupid people can get. This will also prevent MADD coming after you :).

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Nerve of Facebook

Remember when Facebook looked like this:

Well now it looks like this:

What is going on!? It seems like every 6 months they change their platform...not a good look. And to be honest, it reminds me of Twitter *dun dun dun*

Hispanic Choice Awards - Descrubre tu talento!

Singer? Model? Performer? Whatever? To all my young (& old) Latinos who are ready to make it big nows your chance. Or for those who are in need of extra cash...

Hurry because the deadline is April 30th! Winner's receive:
  • Live performance at the Kimmel Center
  • Cash Prizes
  • Media Recognition
  • VIP entrance to all related events
For more information or to sign up go to PhillyHCA.com.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watchmen...or Deeper Meaning Behind it

I almost forgot to leave my Watchmen review :). I understand why people didn't think it was "great" but it was actually pretty good. I think a lot of people expected it to be Marvel-ish but then again that's stupid because it's clearly a DC flick and from the preview you should've known it was going to be different.

So why did I like it?! Because I saw a deeper meaning behind it. The "smile" and "sacrifice" was what I liked. I'm always interested in "alternate" universe's as well. And remember, these were ordinary heroes who like anyone grow old, they aren't invincible; well Dr. Manhattan is. It also proved something that I think will actually happen...that humans will eventually destroy each other.

It won't be a comet/asteroid, natural disaster, etc. we will eventually cause our own destruction. And it's unfortunate that damned "Adrian" got away with it, and he could. In order to bring peace to the world, sacrifices had to be made; in this case it was NYC which obviously was bold.

Overall, when you watch a movie, don't just watch it because of the action or adventure, watch it because you know there's a reason behind the plot.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Future of an Industry

Interested in new media, how it's changing the world we live in, etc? Well Barcamp NewsInnovation Philadelphia will be held on Saturday, April 25th at Temple University.

What is BarCamp NewsInnovation?

News Innovation Philadelphia is the national BarCamp, the last in a series of regional editions. Bar Camp News Innovation Philadelphia is an unconference designed at coming up with new ideas on how to reenergize and innovate the news industry.

Whats a barcamp? Its a conference with no set schedule. The presentation schedule is blank and will be filled in by attendees throughout the day. Anyone can present, and everyone is expected to participate in some fashion. Don't come just expecting to fall asleep in the back row.

Dont think this is a journalists-only event! Invite any friends from various industries who are concerned about the future of news. Even your friend that complains about the biased media. Especially that guy.

Be sure to get there at 9 a.m. if you want to present because slots will fill up quickly. However, if you just want to attend to learn more, come at anytime. The un-conference ends around 5 p.m. I'm pretty sure there will be an after-party but that has yet to be determined. Remember, this is NOT only for jounalists, so come one, come all. A similar event was held last January, it was sponsored by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists.

The National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights

Philadelphia Latinos, somethings brewing here in our community and I don't mean coffee! The National Council for Puerto Rican Rights is holding their convention here in Philly October 9th - 11th. The NCPRR is a mass membership, activist, grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for the human and civil rights of Puerto Ricans. They are currently looking for any volunteers to help out with the convention.

So, what do they do? Well, the NCPRR:
  • ADVOCATES for the civil rights of Puerto Ricans
  • EDUCATES its members and the community about the issues affecting Puerto Ricans and ways to improve them.
  • DEVELOPS new leadership, with an emphasis on youth and women.
  • INFORMS elected representatives and public officials about our community's problems, needs and ways of addressing them.
  • SERVES as a voice for Boricuas in the political, educational and general civil rights arena.
  • ENGAGES in activities that preserve and develop our language, history and culture.
If interested, please contact Joe Garcia. Be sure to also join their Facebook group.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Countdown to 25

Oh yes the big 25. As I look back at the last 5 year's I ask myself, "Am I where I want to be?" I just had a conversation with a coworker/colleague/friend about Twitter Vs. Facebook and out of nowhere it lead to "where I want to be" talk haha.

So am I??? Let's see, in the past 5 year's I have:
  1. Transferred to Temple University
  2. Pledged SP 04 - Gamma Phi Sigma "Hermanos Unidos" Fraternity, Inc.
  3. Served as Secretary, President, Vice President and National Board Secretary (today) for the frat
  4. Graduated from Temple University
  5. Went from intern to full-time at Taller Puertorriqueno, Inc.
  6. Landed another job 1 1/2 year's later at GPTMC.
  7. Have seen the many sides of Philadelphia and embraced it as if I was born here.
  8. Seen 4 very important people in my life pass away. (R.I.P. Euripedes, Ciara, Adonis, Anita
These are just the first 8 that have come to mind. And they are all good (except for the last one). So in less than 2 weeks I turn 25 and I guess I just got all "reflective" and had to vent. I hope the next 10 years will be as good (or better) than the last ones.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wondrous Life of...Junot Diaz

Last Saturday I decided to buy the book "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz. Three people actually recommended the book to me in less than 6 months so I just had to get it. And who is Junot Diaz you ask? Well, he's the winner of...
  1. ThePulitzer Prize
  2. The National Book Critics Circle Award
  3. The Anisfield-Wolf Book Award
  4. The John Sargent, Sr. First Novel Prize
and a whole bunch of other things. Let me know what you think if you've read his work.

Meet the Author Series @ Taller PR

Last Saturday, March 7th, 2009 famous Nuyorican poet Maria Teresa Fernandez "Mariposa" came to Taller PR and read some of her poetry. Truly inspirational, she writes/reads about her family, politics and culture. I think everyone, whether Puerto Rican, Colombian, Brazilian, etc. can find Mariposa's poetry amazing.

Even if you don't write poetry, I'm sure there's something inside you that wants to come out. One of many things I got out of her lecture/readings was that we (writers) never have writer's block...which is true because we always have something to talk about.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cheap Plug in Moment of the week...17th Annual Founder's Banquet

Come join the friends, families and supporters of Gamma Phi Sigma as we celebrate a true brotherhood's 17th anniversary. With dancing, special performances, awards and much more!

Music By: DJ Phnx

**Ticket Prices **
Individual: $40
Couple: $75
Table of 8: $300

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Those Mayans are back (even though they never left)

So who remembers that movie Apocolypto?? Wasn't it awesome (no sarcasm there)! Well if you didn't watch it I suggest you rent and/or purchase it today. Although some critics didn't like the way Mayan's were portrayed, I think the struggle Jaquar Paw endured was the point of the story. It actually reminded me of my old Latin American Studies classes at Temple University.

Want to learn more? Well make your way to the UPENN Museum for their upcoming exhibit Painted Metaphors: Pottery and Politics of the Ancient Maya. Opening April 5, 2009, this exhibit will include:
More than 150 objects -- figurines, jades, musical instruments, ritual objects, weaving implements, cooking pots and projectile points--convey vibrant evidence of ancient Maya life, as revealed by archaeological discovery and scientific analysis.
To appreciate the Latino culture you have to go way back...yes way back. The exhibit will allow visitors to go back in time, approximately 1300 years ago, and learn how they lived their every day lives. And in case you didn't know, the Mayan civilization was located along southern Mexico and some Central American countries including present day Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

That Really Grinds My Gears...E-mails or Phones?

So what type of person are you? Let's say I was on deadline and needed something ASAP, should I e-mail or call you? How about I just storm into your office and request it. I've come to the realization that people need to get with the times, it's 2009 people. Over and Over I've heard people saying, reach my by e-mail...it's faster. Obviously the 2nd best choice is phone, nothing clears tension more than a phone convo...actually face-to-face contact does.

However, what if you are the type of person that doesn't like to be bothered? You know, the type of person where they give you this wtf-are-you-doing-here face. Here's an interesting story for you:
  • I ask, "Did you get my e-mail?"
  • You say, "No"
  • I continue, "What about my urgent voicemail?"
  • You say, "I haven't gotten to that all day."
  • I think, "WTF are you doing all day then?!"
Speaking of phone conversations...I haven't heard from parents in 2 days, they must think I hate them. :-\

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Immigration not important to Hispanics?

Yep you heard it, okay well at least it's not number 1. Recent studies have shown "immigration ranked just 6th out of the top 7 concerns, behind national security and the environment, but ahead of energy policy." To be honest I completely agree with this issue. Every time someone brings up "issues with Hispanic" they are quick to assume it's immigration. If you think about it, it's obviously the same thing as other groups. Look the economic crisis, hello! ArkansasMatter.com reported:
Unemployment in the Latino community is just shy of ten percent, compared to nearly seven percent for whites.

"Latino's have paid a price, a higher price, than many other groups in terms of
the consequences of the current economic crisis."
So what do you think is going to happen in the next few years? NBC (online) is actually running a series all this week entitled “We the People,” Issues Facing Hispanic Americans.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why I like/dislike Facebook

Super self-explanatory. Best idea ever.

The media is NOT Dying

Some of you may be paying attention to this industry but the MEDIA is not dying, in my opinion it's just changing/adapting. Yes everyday I get tweets from TheMediaIsDying but remember, there's also TheMediaisHirin!

In the past few months I have seen this industry change before my eyes, and if you think social media is killing it, it's not...like I said it's just changing it. Just a few days ago, Univision let go approximately 300 employees! According to the Al Dia article:

La persona entrevistada agregó que a nadie se le avisó de los despidos y que no fue sino hasta la mañana del pasado 27 de febrero cuando todos se enteraron; ese mismo día la corporación anunció el recorte del 6 por ciento de su personal.

Diana Bald, directora de Univision 65, refirió las preguntas a la oficina de prensa de la corporación en Nueva York.

El proyecto de Univision en Philadelphia comenzó apenas el año pasado con sus noticieros a las 6 y 11 p.m. que se transmiten por el canal 65 de televisión.

This really is a shame though. UNIVISION 65 just started their 6 p.m./11 p.m. news about a year ago, and now they're getting laid off. This reminds me of when Rumba 104.5 suddenly became Rumba 1040; but it wasn't as drastic.

Also today, Philadelphia Media Holdings announced that the Daily News is going to be a special edition of the Inquirer. Sounds weird right? I guess only time will tell when both papers just become 1 paper. I don't know the numbers but I'm pretty sure a lot of us read the papers online. There was even an article in the paper a while back asking if we should PAY for the news we get on philly.com...wouldn't that be crazy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Street Fighter IV likes multiculturalism

Yep, first I never really thought about Street Fighter engaging in marketing to multicultural audience because come on now...it's a video game! I was a fan every since the first (good one) came out for Genesis/Super Nintendo where there were no SPECIALs. If you don't think Street Fighter is one of the best video game series ever...well then you should just stop.

TOOT MY OWN HORN MOMENT: I know how to use every single character. I'm not your typical "Pick Ryu or Ken" so I can hadoken you all the time, nope, I choose Cammy, Zangief, Blanka and everyone else. The best part, these street fighter's are from all over the globe!
  1. Ryu - Japan
  2. Ken/Guile - United States
  3. Cammy - England
  4. Blanka - Brazil
  5. Vega (Balrog) - Spain
  6. Sagat - Thailand
  7. Chun-Li - China
  8. Dhalsim - India
So why is Vega (Balrog) so cool? Well because he's the closest thing Colombianos will get to getting their own character. Actually, I just realized there's the new character...EL FUERTE (smh) from Mexico. Anyways, hats off to the people of Street Fighter and hope to see you in 10 years with another hit.

Photo of the Day

As you all know this past weekend the tattoo convention was in town. And yes ladies and gentlemen, I got my 7th tattoo. So what does it mean? No it's not an "H" it's the Pisces symbol.