Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What Does Your Greek Web-Site Do?

So we all pledged our respective organizations for whatever reason. But did you ever check their web-site for more information? I'm sure you found a lot but how did it influence you? Do you like flashy web-sites or basic ones?

Let's take a look at some below:

The first has a very basic landing page with ΛΘA larger than life. Although a landing page is always good, I wonder if someone gets irritated having to click ENTER SITE over and over.

Probably one of the better frat sites, ΛΣΥ has a landing page with flash graphics. Once you enter, you're taken to a magical land.

Unlike most frat's and sororities, ΛΘΦ doesn't have a landing page. Instead their flash banner comes up and you can skip it if you want. Very professional, the first Latino fraternity does a good job.

Talk about a cool web-site. I guess some sister must have convinced them to add social media elements. HHMMMM. Just recently launched, ΧΥΣ does a great job of portraying "wisdom" through a web-site. And unlike most organizations, their web-site name is JustBeCus.org, not ChiUpsilonSigma.org (although both take you to the same place).

Simple and to be honest it doesn't look like a Greek web-site. All the flags confused me at first but then I realized they are multicultural. To be honest, sometimes simple is best.

Well well well. I mean what can I say. The landing page really isn't necessary but I like it. And because we are a small organization, updates aren't always necessary. However, our web-master does a good job of changing things when necessary. I mean, did you ever see our old web-site?


Black Hippy said...

its "wisdom" but I'll chalk it up to the excitement :)...and ur right about the social media, lol

Anonymous said...

LTPhi is not the first Latino fraternity.

Navaja said...

I wonder if there's actual recorded history of this? Most likely yes but who's keeping track :)