Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bing Images

So as I was watching the Jay Leno Show (Yes I watch it), Jay stated that when you use Bing to find images, the most logical picture comes up first and so on. So naturally I "binged" Hispanic and Latino. Not to my surprise I got some interesting results.

What happens when you Bing Hispanic? You get this cultural (most likely Mexican photo). This is a big difference with what Latino gives you. I wonder if it's because mainstream media uses Hispanic more often than Latino. The rest of the the images that come up are very family centric and pretty much sum up our culture.

And what do you get when you Bing Latino? For some odd reason the first photo to pop up is this man. The third photo? It's somewhat pornographic; in fact it's disturbing. In fact most of the photos in this search term are either of males or females. Anyone have an answer for this?

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