Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tweets of the New Year

It's officially 2010 and people are wondering, "How will social media expand?" That's probably something you should ask yourself everyday. Everyday something new is invented, discovered, tweeted, etc. Sometimes I think people go crazy over Twitter.

So here are some of the crazy/interesting Tweets I've seen today.

I laugh when my blog gets pitched and it starts out by "HEY NAVAJA". Someone once wrote "WHERE ARE YOU BASED OUT OF". Please take note :)
Where can you get good advice? Online? Maybe you should ask your mentor

Sometimes I wonder about why you tweet about your job. That's a no-no. (Yes on blast)

Being on someone's good side always ends up being, well good.


Anonymous said...

judge only if u want to b judged

Navaja said...

don't worry. i get judged a lot ;-)