Monday, January 4, 2010

The Census Goes on Tour

In case you didn't know, the Census is going on tour! Yep, today the Regional 2010 Census Road Tour launched in Philadelphia at Independence Mall. If you're not sure what the Census is about nor what to do when that paper comes in, the thirteen vehicles launched are dedicated to just that. Thirteen vehicles will travel across the country from January to April 2010, engaging audiences at events from the Super Bowl to state and county fairs, church functions and community events.

You might see the vehicles at your local festivals but also at the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four and other major parades. The Philly vehicle (named the Constitution) will cover Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Something else that's cool? You can keep up to date with the vehicle whereabouts via their Twitter account. They include Philadelphia, @10Constitution; New York, @10Liberty; Chicago, @10Population and Los Angeles, @10Confidential.

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