Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And for my 300th post...

I wanna talk about something important...us (Latinos). Today must have been let's talk about Hispanics and/or Latinos because sheeesh. Today I felt as though we are not advancing in life like everyone else is. Although there is a lot of attention with Sotomayor and her race to the top, I still think we aren't getting it.

There was an article in the Washington Post which references differences between the term Hispanics and Latinos. It was Grace Flores-Huges who made the term official. Flores says:
I believe that it represents the Hispanic Americans of this country. It best describes who we are based on our Hispanic surnames. . . . The reason I am not in favor of "Latino" or "Latina" is that those terms can represent the people of the Mediterranean. Then you'd be including Portuguese and Italians, if you take it literally. And then it takes away from the Hispanic people of America that need to be counted: Who are we; how are we being served by the government; who do we vote for? How are you going to come to a conclusion if you're mixing apples and oranges?
Then later today I went to a networking event for Latinos but somehow felt as though people were not interested in the younger Latino professional. I don't have research studies but I spoke to a few of my friends and we all agreed that when Latinos see other Latinos working in the city (professionally) they don't open their arms to you. They look at you at a threat as if you are there to take their position. However, it's completely different with African-Americans.

I thought that was crazy because I'm networking so much via Twitter and meeting some great working Latino professionals. Is it in our mind that meeting people over the internet working on one goal is good? While some people are fighting for immigration rights, some people are opening doors discussing Hispanics online.

What makes matters worse? People like THIS still exist. I can only hope that although we'll be the largest population by 2050, we find a way to work together and get passed our differences.


Cindy Juarez Bustillo said...

congratulations on your 300th post...and I enjoyed reading it :)

J_Fresh said...

Congrats on the 300th post, but I wanted to comment on your Black professionals comment. Its a little different b/c although they may not see other up and coming Blacks as a threat, its much harder to earn respect. Either you're a "hustler" who never went to college and is self-made, or you're an Ivy league grad or have a Masters, PhD. What about us Blacks who fall in between or DON'T work in Engineering, Law, Finance, Medicine, IT or Journalism??? We're a lost minority within a minority! And the bougie look we get from "upper crust" professionals is so sad! Like "how come YOU didn't get that full ride to Law school??" I wish there was a network for us "in-betweeners" working professionals, who went to college but aren't YOU, lol.