Tuesday, December 1, 2009

An Influential Latino

Photo by Peter Fitzpatrick/Al Dia
One should never remember a person for what they have did, one should remember them for everything there were and will continue to be. Joaquin Rivera, un plenero del Batey, walked himself into Aria Health's Frankford Campus Saturday just before 11 p.m. because had pain in his arm and abdomen. Unfortunately there are people out there who believe in the suffering of others so as he was in the hospital, he was robbed.

I may have talked to Joaquin once, maybe twice but I knew there was something special about him. Little did I know he was not only a musician, but also a high school counselor. I looked at him as a simple man who just made his living because he "loved" it. And that's what we have to realize in life, it's not about money nor fame, it's because we like to help. This is (in my eyes) what an influential Latino should be. Yes presidents, executive directors, CEOs, etc. are all well rounded individuals, but it's the people who care about the people who deserve such awards.

LuzSelenia Salas, pintora y artista local, said, "Perdimos a un icono en la comunidad de Filadelfia, especialmente en esta época del año en donde todo el mundo espera ver a Joaquín en las “parrandas”."

God rest his soul and I hope we can remember him as a person with love for his people and pure culture.

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