Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Me...

Yes as you can see I want the PSP® Go. What I don't get is why the system costs a whopping $250? It pretty much costs more than a Wii, PS3 and anything else you can think of...weird. Well here's why one of you lucky winners should get it for me
  1. It's portable and as you know I'm always on the go!
  2. After you buy it for me you don't have to do anything else. I download the pics, games, movies, etc. straight from the device.
  3. When you buy it, you can most likely play it too! Remember, sharing is caring.
  4. Need me to shut up? Just hand me this and I'll stay out your way.
  5. I love video games...'nuff said.
Okay so maybe these aren't the best reasons but here's a story. I was at Best Buy the other week looking for stuff to buy. I spotted the PSP® Go but instead of purchasing it, I decided to buy something for the brother and parents. Aren't I a nice guy? So now it's time for "you" to think about me.

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