Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get off Your Cell Phone Señor

Can you go a day without your cell phone? How about an hour without Tweeting? Well apparently Latinos just love to use mobile technology. Although Latinos may not have computers at home, we sure do keep in touch with cell phones. According to a Pew Research Center study, English-speaking adult Hispanics are no more likely than whites to own cell phones: 75% of whites own cells, 72% of Latinos (a statistically insignificant difference).

Think about it though. Does your aunt, abuelita, mom or dad own a home computer? Nope but I bet they have a Virgin Mobile, Cricket or Boost Mobile cell phone? Okay maybe Verizon considering they like to sponsor a lot of Latino events. We're probably always on our cell phone because we NEED to be in touch with our family. There are times where if I don't call home, the parents get a little irritated and think somethings wrong.

At last weekend's Latism conference, there was a session about mobile applications. The message: Marketers should think about using mobile applications to cater to ALL audiences. So what carrier do you think most Latinos have? I personally have AT&T and have been with them for over six years.

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