Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The hisPANIC worker

I can't help but wonder if mainstream audiences understand the hisPanic family. In corporate America, I don't think VPs, CEOs, etc understand that if I need to go home because this and that happened, that usually means I gotta go home.

A few weeks back I went to a program at Temple University called, Te Conozco Bacalao: Differences in Communication Styles Between Latinos and European Americans. It was pretty good and it inspired me to become more prone with who I am. Here's a brief description about the program:

This phenomenal seminar addresses the differences in nonverbal and verbal communication styles between Latinos and European Americans and how these differences can cause misperceptions, misinterpretations leading to misunderstanding in the workplace. It addresses the common wrong to deal with the differences and provides skills to effectively deal with the differences to prevent misunderstanding.

It was interested how everyone agreed most corporations don't understand how "we" work. In fact, in Diversity Magazine, they had a list of 10 Things Not to Say to Latino Executives. The list actually made me laugh and I wonder when will people learn.

However, there is one problem: There's the side of me that wants to enter corporate America and succeed in life, then there's the other side that wants to stay true to my own culture and engage in cultural activities. So how do you blend both?

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