Sunday, November 16, 2008

Latinos in HEROES

So I just thought about the Latino presence on the show Heroes. It was actually okay until about (I think) last weeks episode. Anyways, so I was actually happy to see Latinos in the show but to be honest they either weren't the best character or they died.

One of the first characters was Isaac Mendez who could paint the future, but unfortunately he died when Syler took his power.

Next we have Dania Ramirez who plays Maya...or played her until her powers were taken away from that bastard "Papa" Patrelli.She plays a "fugitive" and travels all the way to Mexico from Venezuela. Yes it has nothing to do with immigration but come on people. The worst/best part, her power. Every time she got emotional, her eyes would fill black and anyone who was in the same vicinity as her instantly dies. Way to give the Latina something powerful yet deadly.

Then from out of no where NBC created a contest for the next hero. Who won...Santiago? Not sure of his power but I know he currently resides in a Latino country and plays soccer...weird.

Come on NBC, come up with something better. Hmmm maybe a Colombian who can turn drugs into gold <---note the sarcasm.

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