Thursday, March 10, 2011

Univision65 celebrates 3 years

I love anniversaries, whether it's the first, second or 10th, somehow we manage to celebrate fighting the good fight and surviving in this tough economy. Heck, my 27th anniversary of living is coming up. But enough about me, congratulations to local Univision65 on their third anniversary. Now a seven person team, Univiosn65 has grown and become more and more passionate about the Philadelphia region.

Anchor Ilia Garcia says, " Sin embargo creo que son las historias que tienen que ver con los niños las que más me impactan. Considero ser madre la bendición más grande que me ha regalado Dios y por lo tanto las historias que involucran niños o jóvenes ya sean historias positivas o negativas siempre me marcan." Ilia, Jose, Julio and the rest of the gang really have made an impact on this community. And although I catch most of the programs online, I know the 30 minute news program is a challenge here in Philly, but they sure are doing it. Here's to many more years to come!

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