Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Respect our mujeres

Is it just bad timing or did the 20 year-old Mexican police chief just get fired during Women's History Month? Yep. Apparently she was fired after not coming to work one day. First of all, why did you hire a 20 year-old? Secondly, apparently she fled the country to find sanity in the U.S. Isn't there a screening process? Anyways, unlike Valles, there are plenty of women out there who have helped pave the way for women (and minorities).

So who are these women who have helped other women in the world? Yes we have Sotomayor, Frida, Soledad O'Brien and even pop culture celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Shakira. However, we have our own perspective on women's history and what contributions each woman has had on our lives. Our mother is one who should always be respected because they gave birth to us after all. Yes there are some special cases but in the end, they raised us. Although March (like every other month) is special to some minority in the U.S., we need to start looking at the bigger picture and realize January - December is everyone's history.

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