Friday, February 19, 2016

Buzzfeed launched Pero Like

Just yesterday I presented on how to reach the Latino audience. So how do you? The answer is not that easy because it depends on a LOT of factors.

It's been no secret that Buzzfeed has invested a lot in hiring Latino employees and even Latino content. Just recently they launched a YouTube and Facebook content driven site called Pero Like. The platform will have “content that resonates with English-speaking Latinxs,” according to tweets announcing the project from staffers Alex Alvarez and Norberto Briceño. What did you notice there...Latinxs?

According to, "The 'x' makes Latino, a masculine identifier, gender-neutral. It also moves beyond Latin@ – which has been used in the past to include both masculine and feminine identities – to encompass genders outside of that limiting man-woman binary."

Moving on since this is new to me. Here's more from Alvarez and Briceño on the Pero Like project.
"We’re launching as a Facebook and YouTube channel, making content that resonates with English-speaking Latinxs (who are, to put it mildly, kind of a big deal). We’re a group that’s historically been under- and misrepresented in media, and we’re here to change that. The purpose of this initiative is to feature the best, funniest, smartest, and most in-depth look at the myriad identities under the 'Latinx' umbrella. This is for blaxicans in LA, Tejanos in Corpus Christi, Cubans in Miami (and their abuelitas), and everyone who’s been told they don’t “look Latina.” It’s for the bold, the proud, the creative, and even the hopelessly awkward. We’re here for you too, man."

Content ranges from memes, videos, listicles, Buzzfeed article and so on. And it doesn't necessarily have to be Latino themed; just Latino related. I say good for you Buzzfeed. You're one of the few doing it right.

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