Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Myths and Realities of Engaging the U.S. Latino Audience

Tomorrow afternoon I get to speak at the Washington Nonprofit Conference. The session titled "Myths and Realities of Engaging the U.S. Latino Audience" is about just that: why it's important for nonprofits to engage with U.S. Latinos and horrible myths. Remember...a bad translation can really mess up your entire campaign.

The session will be presenting with Rosa Del Angel, Digital Marketing Professional, Beaconfire RedEngine and Susana Flores, Communications Manager, CASA. It also marks my first time speaking at a conference in the DMV area!

Here's just a preview of what we'll be discussing:

  • We are all from Mexico = Myth. Yes Mexican-Americans make up 58% of the U.S. Latino population, but there is also a large Puerto Rican, Cuban and Dominican presence across the country. It also depends on the region you live in. Texas? New York? California?
  • We Preferred the Term Hispanic = Myth. You can just read this explanation.
  • Latinos consume digital media the same way other groups do = Myth & Reality. Latinos, blacks and whites use social media networks about equally, but there are some differences in their preferences for specific social media sites. For example, Instagram is more popular among Latinos while Pinterest is more popular among whites, according to a late 2014 Pew Research Center survey.
  • Latinos donate, advocate, vote = Reality. Probably not the best example (here) but it's relevant and recent. The American Diabetes Association also formed the Latino Diabetes Action Council (LDAC). Composed of a cross-section of leaders from the Hispanic community, LDAC provides leadership on numerous legislative efforts, develops public policy strategies, and provides a strong voice for the Association's focus on health disparities.
So want to know more? Tomorrow I'll be live tweeting using the conference hashtag: #DCNP2016.

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