Monday, February 15, 2016

A quick update from Navaja

So where have I been?

It's been months since I have written a post and years since I've regularly updated the blog. Probably not the best strategy. Since 2008 I've enjoyed accepting pitches and just regularly writing about anything of interest. Yes it is difficult maintaining a blog and finding new ideas so I welcome anything you think would be great to discuss!
In July 2015 I accepted a position with the American Diabetes Association. It's pretty much been a learning experience ever since; not just about diabetes, but healthcare in general. I've also learned a lot about Latinos and diabetes. Fact: 12.8 percent of the Hispanic/Latino population in the U.S. live with diabetes. Compared to non-Hispanic whites, the risk of diagnosed diabetes is 1.2 times higher among Asian Americans, 1.7 times higher among Hispanics, and 1.7 times higher among non-Hispanic blacks. This is just the beginning of the many statistics.

I will try my best to keep this blog updated throughout the year. I come across so many great stories and it's a great way to keep up my writing.

Until then...stay warm!

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