Thursday, March 10, 2016

Advocacy Among Diverse Communities

Photo via @VotoLatino

I had the opportunity to attend an event titled "Advocacy Among Diverse Communities" presented by and the Grassroots Professional Network. This was a great opportunity to hear how minority based organizations work on advocacy campaigns and how they are integrated into the bigger picture/mission.

The panelists were Sierra Jackson,; Maria Urbina, VP of Politics & National Campaigns at Voto Latino; Warren David, Founder & President of Arab America; Carla Lochiatto, CAE, Associate Director, Public Policy at American Society of Association Executives; Rosa Del Angel, VP of Digital Marketing at Beaconfire RedEngine.

It's always important to attend these panels for many reasons. They reiterates your work and the passion you have for mission based organizations as well as give you some ideas to take back to your employer.

I was happy to hear questions from the audience but the more I think about it, there was one question that really didn't sit well with me. I don't remember the exact wording but it was more along the lines, "Is the end goal for your organization not to exist?" One would think yes, we should live in a world where advocating for equal rights isn't necessary but let's be honest; it may not happen for a long time. The person who asked this questions doesn't deserve an explanation, but they need to be taught about "the struggle."

From a personal standpoint, something I do whenever I enter a room is look around and ask, "Who looks like me?" This means everything from who is born of immigrant parents, male, Latino, among other things. Advocacy includes everything from equal pay, board development, human rights and much more.

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