Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smooth '09...the stroll game will never be the same

Last March I told you 6-6-09 was coming; well now it's here. Greekster's Smooth Stroll show is this Saturday and I don't think people can be any more excited. Gamma Phi Sigma will take the stage once again to defend their title; this is truly a great story.

We took the stage at SILK 5 in New York City in 2006 with only simple ideas of what the show was going to be like. One year later we came back strong at SILK 6 on the Beach (Batanga Beach Break) and we made it to Round 2. We decided to go national and compete in SILK 3, Houston, TX. We could've made it to the end but unfortunately we were disqualified *smh*. We didn't let that bring us down so we came back even better at SILK 7 (Batanga Beach Break). And what happened that day? Gamma Phi Sigma won...
G-PHI, the youngest Nat'l Stroll Team Champs. G-PHI, the first and only NON-NALFO Nat'l Stroll Team Champs. G-PHI, big ups to all my haters!

Fast-Forward...6.6.09. The stroll game will never be the same...


FRATS (eliminations: 8 -> 6 -> 3)
Gamma Sigma Zeta
Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Beta Kappa Psi
Lambda Sigma Upsilon
Sigma Lambda Beta
Psi Sigma Phi
Lambda Alpha Upsilon
Gamma Phi Sigma ('08 champs)

SORORS (eliminations: 11 -> 7 -> 3)
Lambda Tau Omega
Mu Sigma Upsilon
Omega Phi Chi
Lambda Pi Upsilon
Sigma Iota Alpha
Lambda Pi Chi
Omega Phi Beta
Lambda Theta Alpha
Chi Upsilon Sigma
Chi Iota Pi
Sigma Lambda Upsilon ('08 champs)

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