Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tide "Washes Away Labels" with NCLR

I love it when major corporations join forces with social serving agencies. This is why I was happy to see when Tide teamed up with NCLR for the #WashAwayLabels campaign. Sure it's about selling the product but the message is clear...get rid of stereotypes.


According to an article on, "Tide is hoping to help the Latino community 'delete' the negative tags and share how it would like to referred to as in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, according to the video’s description."

A simple yet effective campaign, my favorite portion is that you get to right what Latinos really are in the space that was washed away (the stereotypes). Cue the obvious "let me buy this product."

It's also important to point out this video shouldn't ONLY be intended for a white audience, it should be intended to all Latinos as well. Sometimes we stereotype ourselves; this doesn't shed a positive light to anyone. Hopefully Tide can keep spreading this awareness and not just during Hispanic Heritage Month.

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